AEW Dynamite Results: Jon Moxley & Darby Allin vs. Brian Cage & Ricky Starks

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From the moment that Ricky Starks aligned with Brian Cage & Taz, everyone knew this match was coming. While most know the recent clashes between Moxley & Cage, they might forget that Darby Allin was put on the shelf by Brian Cage at AEW Double Or Nothing during the casino ladder match.

Add in the respect between Allin & Moxley, and you have an alliance that Mox can seem to count on. This is tornado tag rules, no disqualifications either. This means all men are legal at all times, and can do whatever they want so long as it ends in the ring. Don’t expect much control from the referee in this one.

Where Is Darby Allin?

The music of Darby Allin would play, but he’d wouldn’t make his way to the ring. Moxley would be here ready to fight anyways, partner or alone. We’d cut to backstage, where Taz would ask where his partner is?

Cage would be hyped up and flex for the camera while Ricky Starks glared in the background. He’d take the microphone and explain just how good he is, and explain that he’s miles above someone like Darby Allin.

They would make their way to the ring, but Darby would hit the Coffin Drop from the rafters! The brawl would break out on the stage, with Allin going after Starks and Moxley facing Cage. Allin would dive over the top and bounce off Cage, then be curled in his arms.

The Match Finally Begins

Mox would dive to the outside and take Cage down, and would look to powerbomb Cage on a trash can. Starks would spear Allin off the apron, and Cage would slam Mox with the trash can instead. They would finally get two men in the ring and the bell would ring, with Cage & Starks having the two on one advantage with Moxley.

The power of Cage and the technique of Starks would make for a dynamic duo, and they’d finish with Mox for Allin to explode into the ring. Starks would incapacitate Allin and taunt on the apron, and then nearly get choked out by Moxley.

Cage would save his ally, and pick Moxley up for a fallaway slam. Allin would dive in with a seated senton, and Cage would hold him up as well, then slamming both men into the mat, a show of brute strength.

Cage would throw Allin across the ring right into a pin from Starks, getting a near fall. They’d look to take him out with a running lariat, but Mox would throw a chair at the head of Starks.

Turning This Match Around In A Big Way

With Starks downed after a chair to the head, Moxley & Cage would clash. Allin would hit the stunner and get speared by Starks, but a cutter from Moxley dropped him, then a discuss lariat from Cage puts him down.

A german suplex and a piledriver would drop Cage, and Mox would go for the armbar only for Starks to break the hold up. He’d be slammed into a trash can, but Allin would break the pin this time. Allin would take out his opponents, and Moxley would save him from a buckle bomb.

A coffin drop assisted double arm DDT would drop Cage, but only get a two count. Allin would be loving his revenge on Cage, and grab a tax filled skateboard. He’d nail Starks with it, and Moxley would isolate Cage.

A tack filled skateboard of the top rope would fill Starks with pain, and Allin would easily get the pin after that. Starks looked like a pin cushion after this, as Cage helped him to the back.

Darby Allin now has a World Championship Match next week, could he become our third AEW Champion? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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