AEW Fight For The Fallen Results: FTR vs. Lucha Bros

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When it comes to the AEW Tag Team division, there are several matches that can be classified as dream matches. That list gets one shorter tonight, as two of the best tag teams in the world today meet, but they couldn’t be more different.

FTR are a throwback to old school tag team wrestling, they want to bring back the rules of old and make it an artform again. Lucha Bros on the other hand define the modern tag team style alongside teams like The Young Bucks. They come in with a fast paced style, and don’t really rely on tags for their matches. When one leaves the ring, another enters, a constant flow of action.

The only thing these teams have in common is incredible chemistry. This one is going to be a tag team war. Lucha Bros brought backup in Butcher & The Blade, and still have FTR’s truck.

FTR & Lucha Bros Wrestle Their Own Types Of Match

Dax Harwood would start the match with Pentagon Jr, with Pentagon getting the advantage. He’d waste time taunting however, and Harwood would launch some heavy strikes. Pentagon would win the exchange with a superkick, and tag in Rey Fenix. They’d take control of the match during their ten seconds in the ring, double teaming their isolated opponent. Harwood would get a blind tag to Wheeler, and they’d hit an elbow drop assisted backbreaker. Now FTR would take control with their precise tag team wrestling, abusing Fenix in the corner.

A countered suplex would allow Fenix to get Pentagon back in the match, and one slick tag team move later, and they’re back in control. Harwood would be taken off the apron, and Wheeler would be dropped with a double superkick as we entered the commercial break. Wheeler would be isolated, with his attempts at comebacks being snuffed out, constant tags keeping the Lucha Bros fresh. This was an approach expected of FTR, but one Lucha Bros are very capable of themselves.

A countered crossbody attempt would give Wheeler a chance to make the tag, Harwood coming in with some punches. Some snap suplexes to both men would be effective, with Pentagon being thrown onto his brother before being clubbed down with a lariat. A hard chop would stun Harwood, but wouldn’t stop Fenix from being thrown into the corner fast first. It would break the skin though, and draw first blood.

FTR Show Their Control

Wheeler would be tagged in, and met with some two on one offense as Harwood recovered from being sent to the outside. Fenix would leap off his brother’s shoulders, before Pentagon would hit a springboard leg drop for a near fall. They would look for the spike piledriver, but Wheeler avoided it. He’d counter a hurricanrana by simply rooting down hard, and preventing Fenix from completing the move. Going over to the corner with Fenix raised high, we’d see the Steiner Brothers old finisher be employed, getting a two count before Pentagon broke the pin.

A superplex would drop Pentagon, but Fenix tagged in at the last second. Wheeler would try to dive into Pentagon but meet knees, with Fenix meeting the same fate as he tried to dive onto Harwood. This would lead to a standoff after all four men got to their feet, and quickly break down into a brawl. Wheeler would dive through the ropes and grab Pentagon for a DDT, a move we’d expect from the Lucha Bros. Fenix would one up him with an even nicer dive however. Harwood and Fenix were the legal men, and they’d exchange strikes. After ripping the mask off Fenix, he’d roll him up for the easy pen. In Mexico, that’d be an instant DQ, but they’re in Florida. It’s a dirty trick, but a smart one for sure.

This might have been the first match between these teams, but not the last one for sure. After the match, Butcher & The Blade would taunt FTR with the keys to the truck, and Young Bucks would help get them back. The Elite would come to the ring with some beers, and give the keys back to their rightful owners. However, FTR would pour the beers over Omega, and things would almost come to blows, but not yet.

When will FTR & The Young Bucks finally have their match? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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