AEW Fyter Fest Results: Cody Rhodes vs. Jake Hager

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Since becoming TNT Champion, Cody Rhodes has welcomed all comers to try and take the title from around his waist. He’s beaten Lance Archer to win the title, then notched defenses against Jungle Boy, Ricky Starks, and Marq Quen in the following weeks. This rapid pace of defenses is what makes Jake Hager dangerous. You have one of the more calculated members of the roster, someone who can foil any tricks Cody brings to the table. He’s the biggest threat yet to Cody and his championship, and Hager knows this. With the twenty minute time limit in play, this one could very well be a draw.

Cody Rhodes Would Control The Pace Of This Match

Cody & Hager would lock up in the middle of the ring, with Hager showing the strength by shoving Cody in the corner. They’d do a test of strength, which Hager won as well. Cody would hit a running chop, and be shoved across the ring with ease. The power of Hager would be a problem for Cody, unless he was worn out. Cody would try to do this with a tight headlock, but he’d be pushed off and dropped with a shoulder block. Hager would next catch Cody out of the air, and shove him into the corner. Some hard strikes from the MMA fighter would punish Cody, but a crafty counter would get Cody a near fall. Hager would do more than just kick out, he’d go for an ankle lock. Knowing the danger, Cody slipped out and tried one of his own.

Going to the outside, Hager would be distracted by Arn Anderson, letting Cody dive to the outside onto him before throwing Hager back in, and going for a top rope crossbody, only to be caught again. This wouldn’t amount to much, as Cody would go for a submission with the Figure Four Leg Lock, but Hager would get the ropes. Struggling to his feet, Cody would have time to hit the Disaster Kick to the side of the face. He’d go to the well once too many times, but be caught and slammed into the mat hard. Cody would roll to the outside, and Hager would hit a dangerous Belly To Back Suplex onto the outside.

Jake Hager Is Too Strong To Control Forever

A brawl on the outside would start, and Cody would throw about 10 strikes at Hager, only to be dropped by one in return. Getting back in the ring, Cody would be hit with a scoop slam followed by an elbow drop. Hager would keep things simple, and choke Cody on the middle rope right infront of Arn Anderson. Cody would fight back, only to be thrown out of the ring, and Hagers wife would step on him, digging her high heels into his back while the referee isn’t looking. Another comeback attempt would fail, and a single strike could drop Cody. Hager would get arrogant, a mistake that would lead to his downfall. A distraction from Arn prevented Cody from being run into the post, with Cody getting Hager to hit the post instead.

Back in the ring, Hager would find a sleeper hold on Cody, only for Cody to walk up the turnbuckle and land in a pinning perdicament, getting a two count, but Hager maintains the submission! A jawbreaker would finally break the hold, and jump to the top rope, and hit the Cody Cutter, but would take too long to get the pin. Taking the weight belt off, Cody enter the next gear, and hit a scoop powerslam on Hager, pulling from his brothers moveset.

Things Break Down In A Hurry

Hager would be the first one back to his feet, and hit the Hager Bomb out of the corner for a near fall. He’d throw Cody across the ring and go for a second Hager Bomb, only to get two feet to the face instead. A reverse DDT gets a near fall, and Cody is getting frustrated. He’d go to the top rope, but Hager would grab him and throw him across the ring.

An ankle lock would be applied, but Cody got to the bottom rope. The hold would be broken, but a slap to the face by Hagers wife gave him a chance to reapply the ankle lock. Dustin Rhodes would rush to the ring, punch Hager in the head. Cody would go for Cross Rhodes, but Hager broke free and looked to apply his head & arm choke. He’d get the hold applied, but Cody got his shoulders on the mat and got the sneaky win to keep his title.

Clearly frustrated by losing, Hager would lay out the referee, and be sent to the back. He’s going to end up with a fine for this one. This was a very fundamentally sound wrestling match. Not much excitement, but nothing bad about that. A solid 3/5 match, both men played their roles perfectly, but were predictable in the process.

Who should challenge Cody Rhodes next for the TNT Championship? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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