Who Should Decrown The TNT Champion Cody Rhodes?

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Cody has had a great run as the first TNT champion in AEW. The weekly open challengers have been one of the most gripping things in the weekly AEW shows. It gives the fans a chance to try and get AEW to recognise their favorite Indie stars through social media. 

This was actually how Warhorse got attention from AEW for the open challenge. It also could be how others got attention as well. There are still hundreds, if not thousands of probably amazing wrestlers worth a shot at the TNT open challenge but who should win the belt and decrown Cody? 


Should it be a random Indie star?


No disrespect to the Indie stars that have wrestled. A massive Indie star, surprisingly winning the TNT championship would be one of the best debuts in wrestling history. Them going from the Indies to weekly wrestling show champion. 

This would be very surprising and really cement that anything can happen while watching AEW. It would be sad to see the open challenge go but for a new star from the Indies winning  would be amazing. It would be best for a crowd to see though. 


Could it be Matt Cardona?


Know that Matt Cardona has arrived in AEW and tag teaming next week. It kind of started to feel like that would be the match leading to a match between Cody at the next PPV. 

The tag match on next week’s show could also hint at him being one of the members of the Four Horsemen of AEW. Now that gears have started to turn on the story, ready for the next PPV in September. 

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