AEW Dynamite Results: Scorpio Sky vs. Cody Rhodes [TNT Championship Match]

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AEW Dynamite Results: Scorpio Sky vs. Cody Rhodes [TNT Championship Match]

People have forgotten just how good Scorpio Sky is, one of only two men to have pinned Chris Jericho in All Elite Wrestling. Since going solo from S.C.U, he’s gotten a win streak on AEW Dark, but that will not be his ceiling. Tonight, he gets his biggest chance of 2020 when he has the TNT Championship in his grasp.

Cody Rhodes might be looking past him as a ‘tag team wrestler’, but a hard schedule as TNT Champion and over-confidence could be his downfall in this big time match. Who would walk away with the now completed TNT Championship?

Big Fight Feel Is Something AEW Does Well

There was a big match feel for this one, with Sky having his biggest match since he faced Jericho for the AEW Championship. Rhodes would be flanked by the entire Nightmare Family, while Sky went alone, no SCU backing him up. Neither man has lost a match in months, but that changes tonight.

Either Cody gets his 8th defense as TNT Champion, Sky gets his first singles title, or they go to a twenty minute time limit draw. Mike Chioda, fresh from being released from WWE brings his 33 years of officiating experience into this match, ensuring we have a top referee to call this one right down the middle.

All of the Nightmare Family but Brandi Rhodes & Arn Anderson leave the ringside for this match, and it was time for the bell to ring.

A Slow Paced Wrestling Match To Start

Sky & Rhodes would exchange a quick fist bump and get right into some chain wrestling to start this match up. Wrestling on the mat with Rhodes isn’t how he wins this match though, and Sky would pick up the pace and use his athletic ability to take control, with Rhodes crashing to the outside after an exchange. Sky would allow Rhodes the time to get into this ring again, waiting smugly.

They’d lock up again, but dueling shoulder blocks would follow, and Rhodes won this and then threw Sky to the outside with a hip toss. Rhodes would open the ropes for Sky, but Sky didn’t take the offer. Rhodes would be thrown off the ropes, and eat a kick to the face before clotheslining Sky over the top, crashing to the outside himself.

They’d exchange blows on the outside, getting back into the ring at the count of nine. Sky would notice the injured ribs and and launch some big knees into it before being hit with a scoop powerslam as we entered the commercial break. Throughout the break, Rhodes would maintain control, hitting a big vertical suplex on Sky before clutching the ribs.

Scorpio Sky Has His Target As Things Heat Up

Coming back from the break, Sky would be in a Bow & Arrow Lock, but he’d counter out into a pinfall attempt. Rhodes would be dropped onto the ropes ribs first, and would look to follow this up by tieing Rhodes into the Tree of Woe before kicking the ribs.

Sky would grab a fallen Rhodes and drag him into the ring post, and then climb into the ring to apply an abdominal stretch. Cody got free but narrowly avoided being dumped back first onto the stage, landing on his feet just in time to be hit with a slingshot cutter.

Sky would get him into the ring, but only get a two count. Rhodes would manage to get Sky on the top rope, and hit a big superplex, a poor choice with hurt ribs, and Sky would counter into an inside cradle for the two count!

Cody Rhodes Puts This One Away

Sky would get Rhodes into position for the TKO, but Rhodes slipped out into the Cross Rhodes for a 2.9 count! Rhodes would grab Sky for a Tombstone Piledriver, but Sky countered out and nailed a jumping flatliner for another near fall.

Sky went to the apron for a slingshot cutter, but missed and got hit with a second Cross Rhodes, ending this match. That’s nine defenses of the TNT Championship for Cody Rhodes, and a helluva showing for Scorpio Sky.

Something will have to give, and his insane pace of defenses will lead to his downfall before long. Following the match, Mr. Brodie Lee would show up on the big screen to challenge Rhodes next week for the TNT Championship.

Will Mr. Brodie Lee be the one to finally end the TNT Championship reign of Cody Rhodes? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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