AEW All Out Results: Dark Order vs. Matt Cardona, Scorpio Sky & The Natural Nightmares

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AEW All Out Results: Dark Order vs. Matt Cardona, Scorpio Sky & The Natural Nightmares

A few weeks back now, Cody Rhodes was taken out by Mr. Brodie Lee in a brutal match. We haven’t seen him since, but others would stand up for their fallen friend. Due to this, Mr. Brodie Lee, Colt Cabana, Evil Uno & Stu Greyson will face Matt Cardona, Scorpio Sky, and The Natural Nightmares. This one is personal, but with Dark Order flying high? This one won’t be easy.

Dark Order Takes Control Early

Natural Nightmares would wait for their partners before rushing in, and once they had Matt Cardona out here? They’d take the fight to Dark Order, a big brawl breaking out. Brodie Lee & Dustin Rhodes would start this one, and they’d throw hard strikes to start. Evil Uno and QT Marshall come in, with Allie taking a shot at Uno as he gets isolated. Scorpio Sky would hit a russian leg sweep, Cardona hits a neckbreaker, but Uno survives.

Uno is crafty, and would have Marshall chase him to his corner, and Greyson would start the beatdown. Cabana would come in, and beat the tar would of Marshall, before Brodie Lee came in to throw him around the ring. Marshall is the weak link in this match, and Dark Order would demolish him. They’d choke him, make quick tags, and would counter the QT Special. He’d managed to hit a backbreaker into the flatliner, but couldn’t make the tag.

Uno would stop the tag and bite the hand, and tag Cabana in. Marshall finally made the tag, and Cardona came in. He’d hit the ring hard and show his skills, hitting the ReBoot for a near fall, with Brodie Lee putting Cabana’s foot on the rope. Cardona would be tripped to the outside, and Brodie Lee would take a cheap shot at him.

Dustin Rhodes Shows Veteran Instincts

Back in the ring, Cardona would kick out at one, but dropped with a big elbow. Greyson comes in, hits a jumping knee drop, then a flipping senton. Brodie Lee would come in, and just grind Cardona down, who needs a tag bad. Uno & Greyson would pull out a double team, a kick assisted brainbuster, getting a two count. Cardona would counter a suplex into a neckbreaker, and had his best tag chance.

Dustin Rhodes came in with all the energy in the world, hitting classic moves like the bulldog and snap powerslam. Cabana would even take a destroyer from the veteran, but Brodie Lee booted him in the face. Scorpio Sky would be tagged in, and distracted by Anna Jay until Brandi got her with a boot. Sky would hit the TKO on Greyson in the ring, but Uno saved the match and got the tag.

Cardona came in and hit Radio Silence on Greyson & Uno, before going over the top rope. He’d come in and be powerbombed by Brodie, but Marshall was now legal. Marshall dove over the top this time, grabbed Greyson and tried for the diamond cutter. He’d instead be hit with a powerbomb, swinging side slam and splash, and kick out!

Brodie Lee would throw QT Marshall to the side, and wanted Dustin Rhodes. This was a personal fight, and Dustin would be knocked out with a dicuss lariat, and tag Cabana in to pin him. Instead, Cabana disobeyed and went for a moonsault! Dustin dodged, rolled him up, and got the win! Rhodes gets a shot at Lee this week on Dynamite, his first title match in years.

Is this the end of Cabana with the Dark Order? Will Brodie Lee make an example out of him? Can Dustin become TNT Champion? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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