Matt Hardy’s Health Takes Center Stage Following All Out

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This past Saturday, AEW held an overall solid show in All Out. Strong title matches and fun undercard matches should have sent fans home happy, but one match overshadowed the bulk of the good this show provided. This was Matt Hardy vs. Sammy Guevara, the ill fated Broken Rules Match.

An Unnecessary Stunt Gone Very Wrong

Following in the footsteps of their crazy brawls, Guevara & Hardy would get right into being insane. Mere minutes into this match, a scissor lift placed in front of a single table would be used. They’d go about ten feet up, and Guevara would spear Hardy off.

Had this went off well, it would have been a cool spot, few are denying this. However, Hardy missed the table and cracked his head off concrete. He could barely stand, and this match seemed to be called off. It should have just been ruled a no-contest, as Hardy’s AEW career was on the line.

Instead, after being looked over by AEW ringside doctor, Dr. Michael Sampson, the match was allowed to continue while Hardy could barely stand. They’d scale the stage, Guevara would be sent off and the match was over. This sucked the life out of the arena, and no one cared about the bump Guevara took.

Matt Hardy Is Somehow Okay

During the conference call following the show, AEW president Tony Khan would say the following.

“When the doctor checked on him, the doctor then passed him and cleared him in the concussion protocol. He checked with Matt, then Matt came back and he passed the concussion protocol and he’s doing OK. I spoke with him right after the match and again just now. He went in precaution to the hospital.”

In a tweet after the show, it would be confirmed by Khan that Hardy somehow didn’t suffer a concussion. “An update on Matt Hardy: it’s great news! Matt’s ok, we sent him to the hospital as a precaution & he’s passed the MRI + CT scans, he doesn’t have a concussion, and he’s being driven home now. Matt will be at Dynamite on Wednesday night to thank you amazing fans for your support!”

This was an accident, but AEW handled it poorly. It’s great that Hardy is okay, but it doesn’t stop this from tainting the fallout of All Out.

Do you think AEW should have stopped this match after the scary fall? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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