Should AJ Styles Go To NXT? 

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AJ Styles hasn’t had the best year in WWE. This isn’t to him losing a match or championship if you look at his matches they’ve been great from the Undertaker to Jeff Hardy they’ve been great. Behind  the scenes it seems like it’s kind of been a disaster.

It started off with the firing of his best friend in WWE Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows. They were part of the massive layoffs of wrestlers back on the 15th April. AJ Styles blamed Paul Hayman for this and rumour heat led to him moving to Smackdown as Hayman was running Raw at that time where AJ Styles was.

Knowing that Paul Hayman is with Roman Reigns on Smackdown the move seemed very pointless. The fact that a feud between Roman Reigns and AJ Styles seems likely if he stays there. It seems like the best fit for him now would be NXT.

Why he should be in NXT.

The biggest reason why AJ Styles should go to NXT is due to the fact that he hasn’t really been there that much. There has been a match or two there but nothing that ran longer than a month. There is also the fact that if he wanted to get away from Hayman.

NXT is a place where we’re most likely never going to see him and it’s unlikely that Hayman is part of NXT that much. Then there’s the dream matches he could be a part of in NXT. There’s Tommaso Ciampa, Johnny Gargano, Adam Cole and a rematch against Finn Balor are all matches that could be massive.

At the moment AJ Styles doesn’t feel like a main event star even though he is. In Smackdown or Raw he always feels like he’s in the background. If he was in NXT, he could be one of the top wrestlers in a matter of a week. 

AJ Styles is a massive rating draw!

Then there’s the fact that AJ Styles in NXT would be a massive rating draw. At the moment, after Karrion Cross getting injured, Kieth Lee in Raw and Matt Riddle in Smackdown. NXT has quickly lost a lot of massive wrestlers.

AJ Styles could fill that massive hole left by them. The ratings haven’t really been that affected by them leaving due to the roster still being very good. He could have some great feuds with most of the roster and seen as a top member of the roster. It could even end up forming a new type of Bullet Club with Adam Cole and Finn Balor. 

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