The Mystery Entry To The Buy-In At All Out Might Be Erick Rowan (Erick Redbeard)

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There is usually a big new star that makes a surprise appearance at an AEW PPV with the last one being Brain Cage and now it’s the Buy-In match.

This time around though they haven’t really mentioned a surprise appearance coming to the Buy-In. With most of the competitors already fighting over the last couple of weeks in the shows. They have mentioned that a surprise wrestler will make an appearance.

The fact that they haven’t mentioned much does feel pretty weird as they usually promote it. Making it hard to see if the wrestler is going to be a massive superstar or an indie wrestler that we have already seen in AEW. There are some things though pointing at ex-WWE wrestler; Erick Rowan. 

The leak that never came to be… 

The reason we think that  Erick Rowan now going by the name Erick Redbeard will be part of the Buy-In match. Due to the fact that there was a leak that he was going to be part of the show where Cody lost the championship.

That seemed to change though due to a leak and had Brody Lee destroy Cody within minutes. It still hasn’t been confirmed that it was changed, or it was originally filmed then changed due to the leak. The fact that Jericho reacted to it made us believe that it was real.

Making us all think that Erick Redbeard could be part of AEW at any point. The Buy-In match is the first match where a surprise is being teased making us think that he will appear in the All Out PPV. 

Who else could it be?

There are a couple of massive wrestlers and returning talent that could be part of the Buy-In match. We haven’t seen massive wrestlers like Warhorse and Brian Pillman Jr for a while, perhaps they are in the running to be part of the Buy-In.

There’s also one wrestler with a very small chance of being part of the show and that being Brock Lesnar. This is a massive shot in the dark due to the fact that it really feels impossible at the moment. He is a free agent at the moment though and with a big PPV coming up, it’s hard not to say anything is possible in wrestling. 

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