WWE Raw Results (9/21) – Apollo Crews (w/Ricochet) Defeated Cedric Alexander (w/MVP); Raw Underground – Dolph Ziggler Defeated Arturo Ruas

Crews rolled up a distracted Alexander for the pin; Ziggler locked in a sleeper hold for the win

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WWE Raw Results (9/21) – Apollo Crews (w/Ricochet) Defeated Cedric Alexander (w/MVP); Raw Underground – Dolph Ziggler Defeated Arturo Ruas

WWE Raw Results settled in as MVP and Cedric Alexander came out for Alexander’s match.

Once in the ring, MVP cut a promo toward Retribution, and Alexander cut one for Apollo Crews, saying this was him getting even for the months of abuse he absorbed for Crews to with a championship he doesn’t deserve.

Crews came out and said he never thought he’d see this side of Alexander, and then reminded Lashley that he didn’t forget about him.

The match started fast with a rear waist lock by Crews, but Alexander fought out of it with a couple of elbows, then came off the ropes into a step up kick.

MVP pulled Alexander out of the ring, and Crews hit him with a baseball slide that sent Alexander into the barricade.

Crews and MVP stood nose to nose as we headed to commercial.

Business is good

We returned to the action being back in the ring and Alexander in control as he had a pin attempt.

Apparently, Crews took a ton of punishment during the commercial break to get into this position.

Crews fought out of a reverse chin lock, but Alexander flipped him over and hit with a drop kick to the back for another pinfall attempt.

Alexander locked in another reverse chinlock, and elbows Crews on the head and shoulders before Alexander switched to a waist lock.

Crews hit with a couple of elbows to break free, but Alexander ducked his last one and hit with a Mishinoku Driver for a near pinfall.

Crews his with a kick and then a frog crossbody press off the middle rope to buy himself some time.

Crews hit with a pair if running axhandles and a splash in the corner before he hit with a Samoan drop for a near pinfall.

Alexander hit with a dive over the ropes, then got in Ricochet’s face.

It was a long enough break so when Alexander entered the ring, Crews rolled him up for the pin.

Benjamin and Lashley came out, and Alexander his Crews from behind.

They bounced Crews and Ricochet off the barricade, and then Lashley locked in his full nelson on Crews for a couple minutes before he dropped Crews outside the ring.

Raw Undergound – Arturo Ruas vs. Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler started it off trying to use his speed to take out one of Ruaz’ legs, but Ruas was just as quick.

Ziggler then dodged a coupe of whirlwind kicks by Ruas.

The third time was the charm as Ziggler managed to grab Ruas’ right leg, but Ruas blocked him and didn’t go down, instead locking up with Ziggler, then hitting with a knee to the midsection.

A face slam followed and Ruas tried to lock in an arm bar, but Ziggler ought out of it and locked in a sleeper.

Ruas managed to fight out of the hold by falling backwards and then struck Ziggler several times.

Ruas then tried to lock in a knee bar. Ziggler pulled Ruas’ beard to force him to break the hold, and Ziggler locked in another sleeper hold, this time cinching it in for the win.

Shane then tried to interview Strowman.

Strowman yelled that he doesn’t want to talk and the entire room went quiet.

So Shane handed the microphone to Briana Brandy to ask Strowman what can they expect.

Strowman said it’s exactly what he said last week: he wants their best fighters.

He asked if this was all Shane had, and he then promised to send them all home with pockets full of teeth.

Strowman then challenged Shane if he wants some to get in the ring, and Shane put his hands up and begged off.

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