Are The Original Elite Having Too Much Control In AEW?

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AEW was made by the Elite originally with Tony Khan’s help. With him being the core founder and officially the owner of the company. Looking at the roster though and who has championships and who will most likely become champions in the future.

It really looks like it’s going to be all of the original Elite. With Cody Rhodes already having the championship belt. The Young Bucks currently the number one contenders for the tag team championships.

Then it looks like either Kenny Omega or Hangman Paige will be the next number one contender for the World championship. It could be argued that the original Elite(Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega, Young Bucks and Adam Paige) are having too much control with all of them in the main event. 

Focusing too much on themselves? 

Looking at the champions currently and the feuds apart from Cody Rhodes. There are all leading up to every member of the original Elite having the belts except the woman’s belt respectfully.

There could be an argument that it has been a year built for them to get the belts. The fact that the biggest stories are around them as well for the past year could also show they have too much control. Then there’s Cody Rhodes, who has been the first TNT champion although putting over talent in his matches.

It does feel like he did come back too quickly and beat Brodie Lee too quickly. With the original plan rumoured to be Brodie Lee retaining the belt. Then there’s Cody’s entrance being the only one to have a special entrance. If you look at all these things, it does really look like they do have too much control in AEW and are stopping other wrestlers from success. 

Or are they the buffers? 

There is also the fact that all of the Elite are some of the biggest stars in AEW. Making them really the buffers for the next generation to take their place at the top. Or for the new AEW members of the roster to build up to beat them.

This seems to be happening with Orange Cassidy with Cody Rhodes, even though the rumours are pointing for him to lose. At the moment, there doesn’t seem to be any AEW wrestlers that could beat FTR or Jon Moxley apart from the Young Bucks or Kenny Omega. Maybe them becoming the champion when other stars are being built is what is the best journey for AEW. 

What do you think? Are the Elite where they should be or should they take more of a backseat role?

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