WWE Smackdown Results (10/30) – Roman Reigns Demands Obedience

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WWE Smackdown Results (10/30) – Roman Reigns Demands Obedience

 Hello and welcome to WWE Smackdown Results!

Looks like we should have an pretty fun show tonight as we get to see the fallout from Hell in a Cell involving Jey Uso and Roman Reigns, as well as what’s next for Sasha Banks.

We’d better buckle up. This could be a good one.

The show started with Roman Reigns coming out with Paul Heyman trailing behind him.

Reigns paused and smiled up into the ring where Jey Uso stood with his hands clasped and his head bowed. After looking back at Heyman, Reigns climbed into the ring.

A recap of Reigns and Jey’s Hell in a Cell match followed to bring us up to speed, showing how despicable Reigns’ new incarnation is.

Back in the ring, Heyman started saying he was so happy when Jey grabbed the microphone from him.

Jey pointed out that Reigns didn’t beat him, that no matter how badly he’s beaten he’ll never say “I quit.”

Making Jey understand

Reigns said he can use all the excuses he wants because he made him quit their match. He then told him to take the oath, accept his membership and fall in line.

Jey went on how it was a “snake move” and that he can’t do it because he doesn’t respect him.

He pointed out the title has him tripping, and that Reigns new exactly what he was doing.

Reigns said he did, and asked how could he not? He explained that those are the things he has to do for the championship and that Jey doesn’t understand the burden of being the face of the WWE.

Reigns reminded him that he saw his father and uncle greeting him on the stage and how everyone backs him, and if Jey doesn’t he’s out of the family.

Wasn’t this the original stipulation of their HIAC match? Just saying.

Reigns said he understood why Jey’s angry, and then asked what can he do>

He added that if Jey could, he’d take him by the throat and bash his head in.

Jey exclaimed that he hates him.

Reigns said he’s sure he does right now, but he’s always loved Jey.

He added that for the last time, Jey will fall in line by the end of the night.

Reigns calmly left the ring and paused on the floor to look back at a distraught Jey Uso.

WWE Smackdown Results wonder what Reigns has in mind to force Jey to swear his allegiance to him.

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