WWE Smackdown Results (10/30) – Survivor Series Qualifying Match – Jey Uso Defeated Daniel Bryan by pinfall, then joined Roman Reigns

Jey hit an Uso Splash for the win

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WWE Smackdown Results (10/30) - Survivor Series Qualifying Match – Jey Uso Defeated Daniel Bryan by pinfall, then joined Roman Reigns

WWE Smackdown Results are expecting a good match here, but we can’t help but wonder who Reigns ambushed to force Jey to join him.

The match started with a tie up in the ropes where Jey hit with a right hand and a headbutt when they separated.

Jey then hit with an elbow off the ropes, and followed it with a body slam.

Jey locked in a front face lock and hit with a couple of right hands before Bryan landed a couple of uppercuts and then hit Jey with a knee off the ropes.

Bryan then hit an arm breaker.

Jey countered being throw off the ropes with a Samoan Drop, then he stomped on Bryan in the corner.

Jey resembled a predator in the early part of the match, but Bryan hit an elbow of the ropes to gain some momentum.

Bryan hit with a series of Yes! kicks, but missed his final kick as Jey ducked and rolled to the floor.

Roman Reigns then came out as we headed to commercial.

Back from commercial and they’re back in the ring with Jey and Bryan on the corner ropes and Jey pounding on Bryan with rights.

Bryan slipped out under Jey and dropped him in the ropes and hung him up. Bryan hit a couple of kicks, and followed them with a dropkick.

Bryan then put him on the top rope and attempted a back suplex, but Jey countered it into a splash for a pin attempt than Bryan reversed into his own attempt that Jey kicked out of.

Jey and Bryan exchanged strikes ad kicks before Jey hit a step up kick. Jey charged at Bryan, who ducked and Jey went over the top rope to the floor.

Jey then caught Bryan’s dive attempt with a kick.

Joining the Tribal Chief

Jey climbed to the top rope, but Bryan got his knees up to counter the Uso Splash and Bryan locked in the Labell Lock.

Jey made it to the ropes to break the hold, but Bryan hit with another series of kicks and a running dropkick.

Jey hit Bryan with a pair of superkicks, then hit the Uso Splash for the pin.

After the match, Reigns entered the ring and the two approached each other.

Jey said he’s with Reigns, admitting he’s the head of the table.

Reigns eyed Bryan, and as Bryan got to his knees Jey hit with a superkick and followed it up with another Uso Splash.

He then told Reigns that he’s with him again and that he understands now and loves Reigns, too.

Reigns then told Jey to make Bryan understand and Jey headed out of the ring and pulled Bryan out.

Jey pounded on Bryan, saying he understands over and over as he threw Bryan into the ring steps, then then cleared off the announce table.

Jey put Bryan on the table and told him, “You did this!”

Jey then climbed to the top rope and put Bryan through the table with an Uso Splash while Reigns looked on approvingly.

Jey then kept beating on Bryan as Reigns’ smile widened.

Reigns calmly left the ring as Jey continued slamming Bryan into the collapsed table.

Well, we didn’t expect Jey’s heel turn for another couple of weeks, but it was effective.

He’s all in on Reigns, and it should be interesting what they have planned next.

All in all, it could’ve been better, but WWE Smackdown Results enjoyed the episode.

What did you think of the episode? Let us know below, and thank you for joining us.

We had a great time and look forward to seeing you all next time.

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