Impact Wrestling Results (11/17) – Hernandez Defeated Fallah Bahh by Pinfall; AJ Styles Return Teased for Next Week

Hernandez hit a splash off the top rope for the win

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Impact Wrestling Results thinks this is going to be a heavy hitting one and should be a fun one.

Hernandez and Bahh met in the middle of the ring twice and neither of them moved.

Bahh ducked a clothesline and hit with a shoulder block.

Bahh hit with a couple of chops in the corner, and Hernandez hit with a shoulder block over the top rope and sent Bahh to the floor.

Hernandez then hit a suicide dive over the ropes, and threw Bahh into the ring.

Hernandez hit a couple of chops, and a shoulder in the corner, followed by a clothesline.

Hernandez locked in a neck submission, but Bahh fought out of it and hit a splash in the corner, followed by a hit attack and Samoan Drop for a near pinfall.

Bahh picked Hernandez up, but Hernandez boxed his ears and slingshot him to the mat.

Hernandez then hit a splash off the top rope for the pin.

Scott D’Amore hints at name change for TJP

Backstage, Rohit Raju bored Scott D’Amore about how Eric Young stole his thunder at Turning Point, during which D’Amore smacked his head off the wall a few times while listening.

TJP came up and after some jokes about Rohit, D’Amore said he was pulling for him to win but he got screwed.

TJP needs to do some soul searching, and D’Amore said a contract is a contract and mentioned several times that no one named TJP could face him.

He asked what would Dusty Rhodes do, and pointed out how he could get around things.

In short, he was hinting that TJP should change his name because no one named TJP will ever get a title shot while Rohit’s the champion.

Will TJP figure out the message?

A Phenomenal return?

Impact Wrestling Results returned from commercial as Scott D’Amore was sitting around chatting with the Good Brothers when Ethan Page arrived.

Page told the Good Brothers to take their hands out of his pocket and let someone else talk to him.

Page said he doesn’t cause problems or ask for much, and he requested a rematch.

D’Amore shared their request with the Good Brothers, and Karl Anderson said he should face a phenomenal opponent.

Page accepted it, saying he’ll beat him and then The North will face them for the tag titles.

Sounds like they’re teasing AJ Styles returning and Impact Wrestling Results would love that. Just saying.

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