Ring Of Honor Results: The Briscoes vs. Soliders of Savagery

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Following the big six man tag team match from a few weeks back, The Briscoes need to defend their claim as one of the best tag teams in Ring of Honor history. The upstarts in SOS are coming for them, and they have the grit, skill and power to put the Briscoes out to pasture. It’s going to be a huge tag team match, and it kicks off action on tonight’s episode.

A win here would put either team in line for a shot at the ROH World Tag Team Championships, currently held by Jonathan Gresham & Jay Lethal. Briscoes have the edge here, being eleven time tag team champions, the standard bearers of the division, with a 199-80 record in tag team matches. Meanwhile, SOS has a 5-1 record.

EC3 was on commentary for this match, looking for honor in the ring. He also called the commentary desk a propaganda station, and would rant about that during the match.

S.O.S Bring The Heat

The handshake would start the match, as Moses & Jay Briscoe start. They’d lock up, with Moses getting a heavy headlock, shove Jay off and then drop him with a shoulder tackle. Jay came back with a big boot, tagged Mark in and Moses was dropped with a diving dropkick. The Briscoes were starting their gameplan, isolating Moses in their corner, making quick tags, and cutting that ring in half.

Mark would try for a back suplex, couldn’t get Moses up and hit a Russian Leg Sweep, then dropping an elbow drop. The moment he smelled trouble, Jay was tagged in but Moses broke free and tagged Khan in. Khan would run through Jay with a running back elbow, and this match has been turned right around.

Now, Jay was the one isolated, as Moses ran Khan into Jay, followed up with a running boot and a senton over the top rope. Some great tag team chemistry from S.O.S, but only got a two count. A leg drop gets a near fall, but Jay would manage to slip away and tag in Mark Briscoe.

The Briscoes Are Ready To Brawl

Mark would throw Khan into the ring, and instinctively cut the ring off, before throwing some hard chops in the corner. Jay would come back in, and they’d run Khan down with a double shoulder tackle. Quick tags would lead to Mark & Jay looking to hit a double superplex, Khan landing hard in the middle and Moses having to break this up.

A commercial break would split the action up, but coming back, S.O.S was on the outside and Mark wanted to dive onto them. This wouldn’t pan out, and S.O.S grabbed some steel chairs to make this match a bit more extreme, something The Briscoes are happy with. A brawl would break out in the ring, and EC3 claimed there is honor in a slugfest, so he found honor in the ring.

Khan would send Jay to the outside and dive onto him, and Moses parted the red sea with a diving crossbody, followed up with a diving headbutt before flinging himself to the outside with uncanny agility. This would be followed up with a frog splash from Khan, getting a two count on Mark.

Win #200 In The Books

Jay Briscoe came back into the ring to prevent the finisher of S.O.S, having clearly done some scouting on their opponent. A big neckbreaker, and Mark threw a chair into the ring, using it to launch himself to the outside. Jay hit Moses with the Death Valley Driver, Mark hit Froggy-Bow from the top rope, and that’s win 200 for The Briscoe Brothers.

It was a hard fought match, and Soldiers of Savagery are the future of ROH, but Briscoes are still here. One day, they might move past them, but not now. One last handshake, nothing to be ashamed of here. EC3 would look on, and stare a hole through The Briscoes without saying a word.

Do you think The Briscoes will become 12 time champions? What’s the deal with EC3? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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