WWE 205 Live Results: Tony Nese vs. Ashante Adonis

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Last week, in celebration of the 205th episode of 205 Live, we would see a wicked Fatal Five Way match to decide the new number one contender for WWE NXT Cruiserweight Championship. Curt Stallion would win this match over August Grey, Tony Nese, Ariya Daivari & Ashante Adonis.

Nese & Daivari spent a good chunk of that match beating down Adonis, and now Adonis has a chance for revenge in singles action. In something which will surprise no one, Ariya Daivari was on commentary for this match.

Tony Nese Gets Rocked

Nese would start the match by flexing, and then backing it up with some hard strikes to Adonis. Adonis would come back with some of his own, but Nese remained on top. Nese would run the ropes and fake Adonis out, before going onto commentary to brag that he’s faster and smarter than Adonis, who responded by throwing his headband at Nese.

Adonis went after Nese, Nese was faster and got back in the ring, and put the boots to Adonis. Nese would but hit with a lariat soon after, then Adonis threw some heavy blows in the corner and took control. He’d hit a big back body drop and the AirDrop.

Adonis would mouth off to Daivari on commentary, asking him if Nese is his boy before slamming his face on to the announce table. Daivari would go on to call Adonis a rookie for wasting time by the commentary desk. Nese meanwhile was fighting air, rocked by hitting the table hard.

Ashante Adonis Shows He Belongs On 205 Live

Nese was down on the outside, the referee reaching a 7 count before Adonis got Nese back in the ring. Adonis would have the ring apron thrown over his head and Nese hit a quick dropkick, Adonis hitting his head off the barricade. They’d throw some more strikes, Nese getting a jab to the throat, before dropping his throat over the rope and hitting his signature springboard moonsault.

Adonis was put in the camel clutch, but would show his power as he hoists up Nese into the electric chair position, before dropping him on his face. Nese would have some punches blocked, as Adonis got back into this match. They’d trade blows to the gut, Adonis getting the better and hitting a quick suplex.

Adonis hit a big flapjack, and Daivari got off the announce booth. Nese fled to the outside, but Adonis got him back in and ignored Daivari. A big DDT would get Adonis a near fall, before finally being distracted, allowing Nese to get a spinning kick to the face, nealy putting the lights of Adonis out.

Daivari would wrap his chain around the hand, but when he turned for the punch, it was Nese in position. Adonis would hit a big lariat, and then take Daivari out with a spinebuster. He’d hit the Long Kiss Goodnight superkick on Nese, and has thwarted the 205 Live originals.

Will Adonis become the future of 205 Live? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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