WWE NXT Results: Arturo Ruas vs. KUSHIDA

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After some time on Monday Night RAW & WWE Main Event as part of RAW Underground, Arturo Ruas is back in NXT. He was never too established on the brand, but this talented striker could be set for big things now that he’s back. However, he has to face KUSHIDA, a man who has been focused and deadly as of late.

KUSHIDA Gets A Taste Of His Own Medicine

This promises to be a very submission and strike heavy match, and some early grappling to the mat would show this. Both men have a great ground game, and this match would work just as good in an octagon, but it’s a wrestling match not an MMA fight. Ruas would get an early edge by grabbing the double wrist lock, but KUSHIDA broke free with some kicks.

KUSHIDA would slip to the outside, but take a knee to the face, be taken into the ring for a hard arm wringer, shoulder first into the mat. Ruas would isolate the arm on the mat with an arm bar, before hitting a short Russian Leg Sweep for a one count. Right back to the arm, KUSHIDA was really getting a taste of his own medicine.

He’d come back with some chops, but Ruas took him right back down to the mat. Ruas would almost lose control but a deep knee to the midsection would connect. However, this woke KUSHIDA up who took him down with a low dropkick, kicked the arm when it was open, and hit that signature hip toss into a dropkick combo. In mere seconds, KUSHIDA retook control.

Arturo Ruas Showed Great Promise

He’d leap onto Ruas for a Hoverboard Lock in the middle of the ring, but Ruas would look to power out, and he did. KUSHIDA tried for a German Suplex, Ruas tried to counter into a leglock, but KUSHIDA got a unique pinfall to end this match. This one was short but sweet, and hopefully not the last time these two meet in the ring.

Ruas was frustrated by this loss, but knew that in those three seconds? KUSHIDA was the better man, despite Ruas being in control for most of the match. Could Ruas win a rematch, or is KUSHIDA on his way to the top of NXT? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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