WWE NXT Results: Dexter Lumis vs. Cameron Grimes [Blindfold Match]

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We’ve seen Cameron Grimes face Dexter Lumis in a Haunted House of Horrors match and be scared silly, but we’ve also seen him get revenge for that trauma. He did this by putting a burlap sack over the head of Lumis and beat him silly at ringside after his match with Timothy Thatcher.

However, tonight neither man can see as they enter a rare ‘Blindfold’ match. The chilling stare of Lumis is one of his best weapons, so Grimes took it away, but loses his own as well. Who would have better instincts?

Cameron Grimes Has A Plan

Grimes would complain that with the blindfold on he can’t see, before diving into the middle of the ring. He would try his best to find Lumis while mouthing off, rushing into corner after corner, making a lot of noise. Lumis just stood quiet, waiting for his moment. The referee would narrowly dodge a punch, as Lumis kept calm in the middle of the ring.

Grimes would get no help from the crowd before being spooked by the referee, and then stomped a mudhole in him, thinking it was Lumis. He’d take off the blindfold in victory, and realized what he did. Thinking he was a genius, he’d go for the Cave In on Lumis, missing widely. Instead, he’d take the blindfold off Lumis and be paralyzed in fear.

Lumis would throw heavy strikes to Grimes before looking to apply Silence, but Grimes slipped out the ring and ran away. With the referee down, they’d be free to do whatever they want, and Grimes stomped him into a short coma. Grimes was thrown all around the Capitol Wrestling Center, before leaping over the plexiglass and getting the hell out dodge. I guess this ends in a no contest?

How Will This Feud End?

With this being more of a comedy segment than an actual match, it’s clear this feud will continue. Grimes is still frozen in fear by Dexter Lumis, and likely will be back in the ears of William Regal. We already had an ‘eye for an eye’ match in 2020, as well as a strap match. Those are gimmicks you got to use sparingly, but a cage match isn’t.

Trapping Grimes in a steel cage with Lumis could be comedy gold in it’s own right, and could be the end this feud needs. How do you want to see this end? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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