WWE NXT Results: Finn Balor Is Back, And The Kings Of NXT See Some Ghosts

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At NXT Takeover 31, Finn Balor would be successful in his defense of the NXT Championship, but suffer injuries in the process. His return timetable was good enough to not strip him of the championship, and now he’s back in the Capitol Wrestling Center to address the fans. What will he have to say… and who will be the one to step to The Prince?

Before Balor would even arrive, The Kings Of NXT made it clear they were interested in what he had to say, making their way to the arena to wait for Balor.

Finn Balor Is Back, The Kings Of NXT Are On Notice

Right after the main event match, Finn Balor hit the ring. First things first, he’d praise Shirai and then get to business. The last time we saw him, he defended the championship with a broken jaw in two places. Now he stands here with three plates in his jaw, showing he’s a bad son of a bitch.

He’d be cut off by Pat McAfee, Pete Dunne, Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch. While he was sitting at home, they took over his brand. They’ve taken out Drake Maverick, Killian Dain, Breezango and the entirety of Undisputed Era, Fish, O’Reilly, Strong and Cole. All with ease.

Now, he’s on their radar. Kings need to be draped in gold, after all. They’d surround Balor, and he showed no fear. McAfee said he has respect for the industry, and should hand the belt over to The Kings, or face the wrath.

It’s easy for the mice to play when the cats are away, but now the cat is back. He also brought backup, the cats are all back in-fact.

The Undisputed Era Is Back

While he’s had his issues with them, Balor knew what was going on. He called Undisputed Era in, and they would take the fight right to The Kings of NXT. Cole would kick McAfee in the face, and it was complete chaos as the show went off the air.

Now, from the moment Pat McAfee formed this group around the start of winter, we all knew how this would go down. War Games is Undisputed Eras match now, and they have another round in them. The path is clear, the only question is: how the hell are they gonna fit two cages in the Capitol Wrestling Center?!

Will Undisputed Era or The Kings of NXT win at War Games? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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