WWE NXT UK Results: Piper Niven vs. Kay Lee Ray (WWE NXT UK Women’s Champinoship Falls Count Anywhere Match)

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A few weeks back, Piper Niven got a one on one shot against NXT UK Women’s Champion, Kay Lee Ray. She was handed an easy win when KLR ran right into the steel steps and seriously hurt her knee. Niven lacked the killer instinct to abuse this injury to get a big win, but this time, she will have to. It’s Falls Count Anywhere, the rule book has been thrown out, and it’s time to do this ICW style.

Chaos Before The Bell

Before Kay Lee Ray could even hit the ring, Niven was on her with some big clubbing blows. The match couldn’t start until they both hit the ring, so Niven would throw Niven into the apron and get KLR in the ring. Now, KLR couldn’t run, couldn’t hide, as this match could go anywhere. KLR would slip back outside, and Niven dove through the ropes and got a two count after crashing onto KLR.

Niven already looked for weapons, throwing chains and kendo sticks before grabbing a steel chair. She’d lose the chair but suplex KLR onto the mats outside, only getting another two count. KLR would be hit in the back with a steel chair, but make a slight comeback by hitting Niven off the apron and throwing the ring bell at her.

Niven grabbed a spare turnbuckle support, and wack KLR in the hurt knee. She’d be relentless, smacking it again and trying to apply a single leg grab with it. Back in the ring, Niven had a trash can but KLR managed a superkick. She tried to follow up with a Gory Bomb but the knee didn’t hold up.

Niven would wrap the steel chain around her hand, but the kendo stick of KLR had better reach. KLR grabbed the chain and put it across the eyes and mouth of Niven and pulled back, applying a camel clutch of sorts. Niven would fight out, not wanting to quit despite intense pain. She’d fight to her feet, and drop KLR into the trash can. A pinfall attempt got two.

Piper Niven & Kay Lee Ray Just Need To Use The Kitchen Sink

Niven wanted the Piper Driver on the chair, but KLR slipped out and tripped Niven up on the apron. She’d hit the DDT off the apron, but again only a two count. KLR was now in control, and go for a tornado DDT, kicking off the steel steps. Niven would stop this move in it’s tracks and counter into a suplex.

Jinny would run into the match, and get some revenge for last week when Niven dropped her onto a chair. She’d be thrown over the barricade, but could be back. KLR tried to get the Gory Bomb, Niven countering into a backslide. They were getting backstage at this point, Niven being whacked with a trash can lid. Niven responded by hitting her with a picture frame.

Don’t Cross Jinny

KLR would a guitar and did her best Jeff Jarret impression, and then set up a steel chair. Another attempt at the Gory Bomb failed, and Niven hit the Piper Driver on the chair, KLR somehow kicking out at two! Niven followed up by smacking KLR with a steel pipe, before being hit with a superkick and thrown into some crates.

KLR would be sent onto the crates, they’d climb the crates, and Niven had bad intentions. A table was right there, and the Piper Driver was coming. However, incomes Jinny with a steel chair! She’d wack them, they both fell and KLR was covering Niven, winning this match.

Is Jinny next for a shot at Kay Lee Ray? Would Piper Niven have hit the Piper Driver through the table? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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