WWE Smackdown Preview (11/20) – Seth Rollins vs. Murphy

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WWE Smackdown Preview had to look it up, and we’re surprised this is the longest running feud in the WWE at the moment.

While there’s no denying Seth Rollins’ ability as a heel or in the ring, this one feels like it was stretched out three or so months too long.

After all, how many times can someone’s eye be injured in a few months time period?

Still, it’s great to see it finally come to an end and free up so many wrestlers for other storylines, but more than that. we expect this to be the match of the night.

While Rollins’ last match for a couple of months will be at Survivor Series, we think he’ll want to go out with a great performance.

He regularly gives us his all, but we suspect this will have a little extra umph behind it as it’ll also put Murphy over as a face if they have a great match.

Murphy is one of their best in ring performers, so it’ll be fun to see what these two come up with to close out their feud and move things forward.

Murphy for the win

Since this is closing the feud out, we expect Murphy to win. If he doesn’t win clean for any reason this will be a huge fail by the WWE.

And the reason for this is simple.

There were reports that Rollins is taking some time off following Survivor Series to be with Becky Lynch for the birth of their child and to help out afterwards, so it makes sense that Murphy will win.

The Rollins-Mysterio feud finally came to a conclusion last week after dragging on way too long as they tried to regularly inject new life into it by adding various wrestlers here and there.

And with the Mysterios finally accepting Murphy, all that’s left is for him to put a stake in the Messiah storyline before Rollins heads off after the pay-per-view.

All in all, the timing is right to close this chapter out and let us breath and let the wrestlers turn their sights to new personas and/or storylines.

Coming up

While this opens the book on where their storylines will go in the future, it’s a good to put this one to bed and Rollins can come back rejuvenated and possibly with a new persona.

WWE Smackdown Preview just hopes he stays a heel. Rollins is simply a better heel than face, in our opinion, but we’ll have to wait and see.

We’re definitely looking forward to what he’ll bring to the table next, and we wish him and Beck Lynch all the best with their child and their lives.

Who do you think will win? Let us know in the comments below.

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