WWE Smackdown Results (11/13) – No Holds Barred – Rey Mysterio (w/Family) Defeated Seth Rollins (w/Murphy) by Pinfall

Rey hit a frog splash for the win

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WWE Smackdown Results feel this it about time this feud came to an end. The only mystery left is how brutally Murphy will turn on Rollins.

This started with Mysterio going after Rollins with a series of punches, but Rollins picked Rey up and drove him into the corner.

Rollins threw Rey into the corner and Rey hit with a leg scissors and then a kick to the back,

Rey rolled through a sunset flip and hit Rollins with a kick.

Rollins tried to slide out of the ring, but Rey grabbed him by the hair and Rollins hung him up on the ropes.

Rollins grabbed a steel chair, but Rey tripped him and Rollins slipped out of the ring to avoid a 619.

On the apron, Rey hit some punches through the ropes and slammed Rollins’ into the ring post.

Rollins caught Rey on his shoulder, but Rey maneuvered it into a tornado DDT on the ring apron.

Outside the ring, Rey shoved Rollins ribs first into the barricade a couple of times.

Rey hit with another kick, and Rollins threw him into the side of the ring steps.

Rollins lifted Rey onto his shoulders, but Rey fought out of it and hit a sunset flip into the barricade.

Rey then slide under the ropes and Rollins caught him and suplex slammed Rey onto the announce table.

Rollins lifted Rey by the head and bounced his head off the announce table and then threw him into the barricade and then into the ring for a near pinfall.

Rollins dropped an elbow on Rey’s back, and then hit a backbreaker. Rollins then stood on his face at the ropes before pulling him to his feet and sent him into the opposite turnbuckle front first and nearly scored a pin.

Rollins attempted a snakeyes, but Rey slipped off his shoulder and dodged a dive into the corner by Rollins.

Rey his a sitting senton over the ropes and a hurricanranna before bulldogging Rollins for a near pinfall.

Rey hit with a pair of shoulder on Rollins, and Rollins countered with a knee then slid Rey out of the ring to the feet of Rey’s family.

Rollins then grabbed he steel steps and hit Rey with it.

Rollins then pulled the lower portion of the steps over and set Rey’s head on it. He told the Mysterio family to say bye bye and attempted a stomp but Rey slipped away.

Rey kicked Rolling in the knee and slammed him face first into the ring steps. Rey then slipped out of the ring and landed on Rollins as we headed for commercial.

Rey hold his own

WWE Smackdown Results returned from commercial as Rollins pushed a table into the ring after regaining control over the break.

He set the table up and went for Rey, but Rey fought back. Rollins hit with a kick and attempted a Three Amigos with the last set for the table but Rey fought out of it.

Rey slid under the table and Rollins then shoved it into is face.

Rollins stomped on Rey, and then climbed the ropes with Rey but Rey fought back and hit a step up while Rollins sat on the top rope.

Rey kept hammering away and tried a hurricanranna but Rollins blocked it and powerbombed Rey through the table for a near pinfall.

Rollins pulled a steel chair from the corner and removed the protective stopper on a leg and tried to take out Rey’s other eye.

Dominik pulled Rollins out of the ring and Rollins hit him with a superkick. Murphy came over, but Rollins had him stay back.

In the ring, Rollins grabbed the chair and Rey dropkicked it into Rollins’ face.

Murphy then entered the ring to check on Rollins and pulled him to his feet and handed him the chair.

Rollins took the chair and thanked Murphy. Murphy acted like he was going to hold Rey, but hit a running knee on Rollins instead.

Murphy slipped out of the ring and Rollins positioned himself in 619 position while shouting that he trusted Murphy.

Rey went for a 619, but Rollins moved the ropes to avoid it, but Rey hit with a dropkick and then hit with a 619.

Rey hit a frog splash from the top rope for the win.

The Mysterio family celebrated in the ring while Murphy waited on the apron.

Aalyah tried to go to Murphy but Rey stopped her and went to him himself and motion for Murphy to step into the ring and face him like a man.

When Murphy entered, Rey offered his hand and they shook and Aalyah ran into Murphy’s arms.

Dominik then shook his hand and Rey’s wife embraced him.

Murphy was right, he did it for the greater good.

Adam Pearce makes a match

Backstage Adam Peace was approached by Natalya and he said she has to earn her way onto the Survivor Series team and hence why he has her in a Triple Threat Match.

She argued against it, but he told her it was next. After she left, the camera panned and we saw Chelsea Green next to Pearce.

Rollins wants revenge

Rollins stormed to Pearce’s office where he told him he’s done with Rey Mysterio and this is about his disciple.

He demanded the opportunity to destroy Murphy and he’ll have it next week barring a change in plans. Oddly enough, WWE Smackdown Results isn’t surprised

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