Zelina Vega Released From WWE After Supporting Unionization

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After a few years as a manager and a few sparse matches in WWE, Zelina Vega has been released from the company. The former manager of Andrade who helped him win both the NXT & United States Championship was let go from the company this evening, and her parting shout on Twitter might be a clue as to why she was released.

Zelina Vega Supports Unionization

Recently, there was quite a stir about unionization within WWE. This came after WWE would shut down the Twitch account of talent on RAW & Smackdown, with names like AJ Styles, Cesaro, Paige and more being taken down. Many felt this stretched the definition of what an ‘independent contractor’ is, and has urged WWE superstars to look into joining a union to protect their rights.

Many in WWE supported this, with Paige being the loudest. However, just ten minutes before the notification that Zelina Vega was released came a simple and loud tweet from Vega. “I support unionization.”

The timing is certainly suspect, especially as Vega has been getting somewhat of a singles push as of late, even having a match for the RAW Women’s Championship on PPV. She’s also the wife of Aleister Black, who could become a prominent figure in WWE before long. We don’t know what transpired backstage leading up to this, but gives a bad look for WWE if nothing else.

AEW Might Pick Vega Up In Ninety Days

As per usual, Zelina Vega will have a ninety day non-compete clause. In this time, she can’t work other televised events, but after that is passed, she is a free agent. Once this is up, she would be a perfect fit for the lacking AEW Women’s Division. Here they have a chance to pick up someone who is solid in all aespects of professional wrestling.

She makes for an incredible manager, is very good in the ring when given the chance, has name value after the run in WWE, and has a good and very marketable look. While AEW has a stacked mens and tag team division, their women’s division has been lacking since day one, and Vega could be a huge asset to them.

Are you shocked WWE would release Zelina Vega? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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