AEW Dynamite Results: Hangman Page and Dark Order (John Silver & Alex Reynolds) vs. Inner Circle (MJF, Santana & Ortiz)

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Everyone wanted more than one match from the trio of Hangman Page, Alex Reynolds & John Silver a.k.a The Good, The Bad & The Hungee. But no one wanted them to have their second match on a tribute show to Brodie Lee. They showed promise in their first outing, but lost to Matt Hardy & Private Party. Now they have a less seasoned trio, as MJF teams with Santana & Ortiz for the first time ever.

Silver wore gear made for a BTE bit, that mirrored the gear of Brodie Lee. Just over a year ago, MJF beat Hangman Page to win the Dynamite Diamond Ring, which was their last meeting. Now, it’s faction vs. faction as Dark Order faces Inner Circle.

Inner Circle Shows Great Chemistry

Before action got started, Silver & Reynolds reached into their coats for something. They came packing papers, but no one throws paper like Brodie Lee himself! Page was keen to start with MJF, and got his wish, and he was packing papers too, getting MJF in the face. He rolled to the outside, where he mouthed off to the one of Brodie Lee at ringside, showing he’s the biggest asshole in the game.

John Silver and Ortiz came in, Silver getting a control until Ortiz got a unique backbreaker. Santana tagged in and hit a springboard crossbody, but ate an elbow from Silver as Reynolds tagged in. Reynolds got a Sunset Flip and elbow drop, but got held up the corner and took a jumping neckbreaker from Santana. Santana looked for the three amigos, Ortiz helping with the last suplex. Ortiz cut the ring in half until taking a back body rope.

MJF & Page came in with some fire, with Page taking Santana out with a springboard lariat, MJF with the fallaway slam, then vaulting over the top onto Santana. The agility of Page is astounding at times, and he looked for Buckshot Lariat, though MJF fled the ring. Santana & Ortiz caught Page sleeping, and set up a cutter for MJF in the ring as we went to a commercial break.

Through picture and picture, we’d see Page remain isolated thanks to quick tags from Inner Circle, who looked better than expected as a trio. Page would need to make a tag to get this match back in control. After getting MJF with two chops, Page would be slammed into the mat. MJF flipped off Brodie Lee Jr, then dove into a boot from Hangman Page.

Dark Order Gets Help From An Old Friend Of Brodie Lee’s

John Silver tagged in, with all the fury in the world backing him up. He’d take on Inner Circle 3 on 1, throwing Santana right into Ortiz in the corner. Ortiz sent him over the top rope, but was hit with an enziguri. Silver did a cannonball senton off the apron, landed on his feet and hit MJF with a lariat, he’d come off the top with a crossbody, powerbomb Ortiz, and was just looking insane.

Santana came in and hit a rolling cutter, before Reynolds came into help. Ortiz got him with a big spinebuster, before Page got him with a rolling elbow. MJF whipped Page into the corner, but got launched into a destroyer by Silver. Emotions ran wild, but Silver took the heatseeker from MJF into a powerbomb from Ortiz, into a knee from Santana! Reynolds saved the pinfall, but Wardlow came in to hit a lariat.

At this time, Erick Redbeard, longtime partner of Brodie Lee rushed the ring. In honour of his friend, he hit the clawslam on Wardlow and beat him to the back! Silver & Reynolds hit their tag team combo of a rolling elbow, enziguri, stunner and german suplex, with Hangman Page nailing the Buckshot Lariat. MJF got the foot of Ortiz on the rope, then pulled the Dark Order mask off Brodie Lee Jr! He’d spit on the mask, and turn into a kendo stick shot from Lee Jr!! Page dove onto MJF, and Ortiz was outnumbered by Dark Order.

John Silver channeled Brodie Lee, nailed the discus lariat and Ortiz wasn’t getting back up. This one was cathartic as hell, and it was great to see Redbeard/Rowan on this show. Should Rowan stick around in AEW? Will Hangman Page join the Dark Order? Could he become their leader?Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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