AEW Files New Trademark, What Could AEW Elevation Be?

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One of the more pleasant surprises in the rise of AEW, is how fun of a show AEW Dark would become. It started off quite simple, with it just being a way for fans at home to see the matches before and after AEW Dynamite. We’d see the same big names as usual have more great matches.

This all changed over time, when COVID-19 changed the game. Now Dark was about putting unsigned indy talents in the ring with AEW talent, giving tryouts in the process while building names up. This would again change as some of these young talents got contracts and started winning matches. Now, we could be in for a third change, as AEW seems to have plans for another show by the name of AEW Elevation.

AEW Elevation Could Be Their Developmental Show

The name itself could tell the story here. Elevation, the act of raising something up. They have a bunch of young talent hanging out who need to be helped out, and Elevation could be their show. Much like how once upon a time WWE had NXT as a developmental brand, and how NJPW wanted the NEVER division to be their developmental, Elevation could be what AEW uses to help get talent that extra experience.

This could be a very fun idea, and really help to build the future crop of stars for AEW. They aren’t exactly relying on too many old names, but we can’t expect people like Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega, & The Young Bucks to stay around forever. Names like MJF, Jungle Boy, Darby Allin, Ricky Starks and more are the future, but there’s always room for more stars in professional wrestling.

Putting AEW Dark Back To Normal

However, if you take these untested names of AEW Dark and put them on their own show, what does this mean for AEW Dark? It might just go back to it’s original format. The world is healing and AEW might be back on the road by Mid-2021, so they can go back to using Dark to showcase Dark matches from the shows. Doing that while something Elevation keeps the current format of short matches aplenty could be the best of both worlds.

Do you think AEW Elevation will be a proper developmental show for AEW, or do they have something else planned? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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