Ring Of Honor Brings Back The Experience For 2021, Intends To Listen More To Fans

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In the modern era of professional wrestling, there’s been more and more precident when it comes to listening to fans. Advancements in social media put you right in contact with most of your favorite wrestlers or promotions, and so long as you remain respectful, smaller names and promotions will have the time to interact. Even bigger names like Becky Lynch have been known to take time to interact with fans on Twitter. However, Ring Of Honor wants to take this to the next level with the return of The Experience.

Ring Of Honor Wants To Take Fan Engagement To The Next Level

While in the past we’ve seen shows under the banner of ROH: Experience, where the live crowd would be able to decide who would face certain opponents? They want to go deeper. With Maria Kannellis Bennett leading the charge, The Experience is getting deeper.

They’ve made a facebook page and will be tracking #ChooseYourHonor on platforms such as Twitter, and want to know what the fans want to see. Who do you think would be a good fit for the company? Which wrestler should be challenging for championships?

“Ring Of Honor has cultivated an environment where the wrestlers and the fans are the experience. I want wrestlers to thrive and I want to give you, the fans, what you truly desire, I want Ring of Honor to be yours. No… I want Ring of Honor to be ours.” is what was said in a video from the returning Maria.

This Could Be Just What They Needed

Right now, despite a quality product, Ring Of Honor is not exactly a top promotion. They’re deep below WWE, AEW, and Impact Wrestling, with even something like GCW or Warrior Wrestling getting more hype on social media. This is mainly due to fans not agreeing with some choices made by ROH management, due to them not listening to their fans.

If they’re serious about this, and really intend to listen to their fans? That gives them a niche. They can be the major company who actually listens to what their audience wants, something that could really get them some love as they rebuild. We might not book how the matches go, but if we as fans push hard enough, Danhausen can get a shot to become ROH World Champion now.

Who do you want to see in Ring Of Honor? Will they actually listen to their fans, or is this just a way to build some hype? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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