WWE NXT Results: Cameron Grimes vs. August Grey

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Cameron Grimes has a date with Dexter Lumis this Sunday, and it’s going to be a strap match. Tonight, he tunes himself up and gets ready for this daunting challenge, and his opponent is August Grey of NXT’s thriving Cruiserweight division. Grimes came to the ring with a burlap sack, which contained the strap that will connect him to Lumis this Sunday.

But nevermind that creep Lumis! Grimes is over that fear, infact, if he was ever scared to begin with is up for debate! Whatever happened last week was weeks ago and all that.

Cameron Grimes Is Going To The Moon

Grimes quickly took the edge in this match, yelling “IM BACK BABY” like he just snorted thirty five and a half lines of cocaine. He’d hit hard strikes on Grey, but would telegraph a back body drop and take a kick to the face. Grey took some advantage, hitting a dropkick and neckbreaker, before going up top and nailing his rope walk crossbody.

He’d get a two count off a rollup, before Grimes caught him with a swinging side slam. Grimes declared he’s going TO THE MOON and nailed the Cave In. The momentum is with Grimes for War Games, and he’s not done with Grey.

Grimes Thought He Was Ready To Face Lumis

Grimes would ask if Lumis really wants to be strapped up to a REAL MAN like Cameron Grimes at War Games. Lumis made a big mistake, and Grimes would place the strap around the wrist of Grey and whip him with it. That will be legal at War Games, and even when Grey left the ring, Grimes could pull him back in. But he didn’t pull Grey back into the ring. He was saved from futhher punishment.

Dexter Lumis once again snuck up on Grimes with those cold eyes, and Grimes looked like he saw a ghost. All his confidence was gone, and one whip of the Strap from Lumis sent Grimes running to the hills.

Who will win at NXT Takeover War Games? Dexter Lumis or Cameron Grimes? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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