WWE NXT Results: Shotzi Blackheart vs. Raquel Gonzalez [Ladder Match]

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War Games is this Sunday, and it’s time to see who will start with an advantage in the match between Team Shotzi Blackheart & Team Candice LeRae. It’s a ladder match, and of course Blackheart signed herself up for a match, it suits her daredevil style. She’s got the Texan Giant, “Big Mami Cool”, Raquel Gonzalez to deal with. Gonzalez is the size of some ladders, so this will be a hard one.

Shotzi Blackheart Is Outgunned

Blackheart would come in fast with kicks, before being caught and dropped to the mat. Gonzalez was outsped, but once she caught Blackheart she could ragdoll her. This would lead to Blackheart on the outside, and Gonzalez went for a ladder, but Blackheart is far from dead.

Blackheart would kick the ladder into the face of Gonzalez, but that only took her down briefly. Gonzalez stopped her from taking the ladder into the ring by slamming her face first into it, but once in the ring, Blackheart would hop onto the back and apply a sleeper hold.

She’d maintain this hold to the outside, before being slammed into the steel ring post. Some quick thinking from Blackheart would see Gonzalez big boot the ladder, and have her leg flung into the steel steps. This staggered Gonzalez enough for Blackheart to hit a Coffin Drop, before we’d go to a commercial break.

All Hell Breaks Loose

During the break, Gonzalez retook control and the ladders started to fill the ring. Using a ladder wouldn’t help Blackheart get the edge she needed, but a kick to the head would stagger Gonzalez. She’d set up a DDT onto the ladder, but be flung to the ground. Trying to come back with Sliced Bread No. 2, Blackheart was again flung, this time face first into the apron of the ring.

Gonzalez would start the climb, and got fingertips on the briefcase before Blackheart came back into the mix. Blackheart pulled her arm through the ladder, and that slowed Gonzalez down, before both men fell off the ladder. Gonzalez tried to sandwich Blackheart in the corner with a ladder, but missed and would be hit with a flying headscissors right into the ladder. A running cannonball senton would crush Gonzalez, who fell to the outside, and was taken out.

Indi Hartwell let team LeRae come to the aid of Gonzalez, and Ember Moon & Rhea Ripley ran defense. Hartwell set up a ladder and went for the briefcase but was stopped. Gonzalez got back in and hit a Clothesline right from Hell on Blackheart. Io Shirai would jump onto the back of Gonzalez as she climbed the ladder, before sending her to the outside and moonsaulting onto a brawl.

Suddenly Blackheart was alone in the ring, with a ladder in place. Team Blackheart gets the advantage at War Games. Will this lead to a win? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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