WWE NXT UK Results: Isla Dawn vs. Kay Lee Ray

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It’s not every day we get to see the NXT UK Women’s Champion in action, let alone in non title matches. But, Kay Lee Ray is lacing up her boots to show Isla Dawn why she’s the best scottish talent in NXT UK on this week’s NXT UK. Dawn always seems to be one win away from getting another chance to become NXT UK Women’s Champion, but if she beats the champion? Her claim will be undisputed.

Isla Dawn Has Found Her Mean Streak

They’d lock up hard in the middle of the ring, and KLR managed to grab an armbar. She’d almost ground Dawn, before Dawn managed to fight back and get wrist control herself. KLR was sent off the ropes and took a knee right to the stomach. Dawn was quick to follow up with some kicks, but only got a two count.

It wouldn’t take much for KLR to get back into control, just a strike to the head and a stiff lariat. But as quick as Dawn lost control, she regained it due to her kickboxing background. Her striking ability is second to none in the division, and a running knee to KLR on the ropes looked like a knockout blow. She’d follow up with a running Meteora, but only got two.

Dawn has gotten more and more aggressive as of late, and that’s what has gotten her this far. KLR tried to take control, but got pulled into a backdrop driver, for another near fall. Dawn just had to keep getting these heavy blows in, and KLR might stop kicking out.

Kay Lee Ray Is Champion For A Reason

KLR wasn’t ready to give up however, and after being thrown into the corner, she quickly recouped and hit Dawn with a tornado DDT. When Dawn kicked out, KLR went right into the Koji Clutch in the middle of the ring. Dawn was able to pull herself close enough to get the toe of her boot on the bottom rope, breaking the hold.

Dawn fought back and got KLR up onto her shoulders, but failed to keep control. KLR slipped out, hit a superkick and the Gory Bomb for a win. This was another impressive showing for Dawn, but it doesn’t take much for KLR to mount a comeback or to close out a match.

Dawn moves to the back of the line, but her day will come in time. KLR grabbed the microphone afterwards and reminded everyone she’s the longest reigning women’s champion in all of WWE. The NXT UK Women’s roster is too busy fighting themselves, and no one will stand up to KLR, so get used to the sight of her as champion.

Will anyone step up to challenge Kay Lee Ray in the coming weeks? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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