AEW Dynamite Anniversary Results: Best Friends vs. FTR [AEW World Tag Team Championship Match]

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AEW Dynamite Anniversary Results: Best Friends vs. FTR [AEW World Tag Team Championship Match]

FTR came up with the ‘Brush With Greatness’ format, and this allowed them to evade the challenge of Best Friends for a few weeks. They got defenses over SCU & TH2, but the time has come to face another top ranked team, who are as hot as ever after having the first five start match in AEW Dynamite history. It might be now or never for Best Friends, who get another chance to win the AEW World Tag Team Championships. FTR better have consulted Tully Blanchard for a damn good plan, as this one starts the show!

FTR Isolate Trent

Chuck Taylor would get started with Cash Wheeler, Taylor being taken down early with a shoulder tackle. The wrist would be grabbed, and Dax Harwood would tag in and take the wrist for himself. Taylor would chain wrestle his way out, get some shoulder tackles and a deep arm drag, before tagging Trent in. Harwood use the corner to break a hold, before starting a slugfest with Trent, both men throwing big chops.

Trent would go for a pinfall, but Wheeler tagged in at the last moment as FTR uses all of the referees ten count to dish out suplexes on Trent. Isolation would begin, him trapped in FTR’s corner as Blanchard barks orders. A drop-toe hold into a quick elbow drop, a back elbow and a double slingshot into the ropes would punish Trent.

However, Trent has a ton of fight, even when he gets sent off the apron to the ground. He’d fight his way back to the ring and try to make a tag, but another quick tag would bring Wheeler in, and he’d remain trapped in the FTR corner. His arms would be trapped and neck cranked, a good move to wind Trent down. A wild swing let Trent drop Wheeler, but he couldn’t make the tag.

Best Friends Make The Comeback

Trent was thrown into the corner, flopping right to the top rope for a top rope backdrop, and he’d be looking woozy, but still kicked out at two. Wheeler tried to come off the middle rope, coming down into the boots of Trent, who could use this chance to finally make the tag.

Chuck Taylor made his way into the match, and would take out both members of FTR before jumping over the top rope with the greatest of ease, wiping them out. He’d do the deal, hit the Falcon Arrow and Harwood defied the rules and kicked out. Taylor would be tripped by Blanchard as he went for a suplex, letting FTR take some control, but Trent helped make the save.

Trent would make the blind tag, and the Sole Food/Half & Half combo followed by the running knee would get Best Friends a near fall. He’d keep the pressure on Wheeler, only to take a Wrist Clutch Lariat, Harwood came in and took an assisted powerbomb followed by a Gory Bomb for a two count.

Trent would be set up for another big top rope backdrop, but fought out only to be tripped up. He’d counter the suplex into a crossbody, but Wheeler saved the match. Taylor re-emerged from the outside to even the odds, only to take a DDT from Wheeler, before Trent took Wheeler out with one of his own.

Another Dirty Finish

Not missing out on the fun, Harwood would do a fake out DDT, planting Trent and getting a two count. The mindbreaker would be set up, but Taylor took out Wheeler, and Harwood would be hit with Strong Zero. Wheeler made the last minute save again, before taking out Taylor on the outside with a brainbuster.

Trent made the choice to go to the outside, and would be sent head first into an arcade cabinet that Kip Sabian had at ringside. Penelope Ford was sent to get Miro for some reason. Not wanting to take it by count out, FTR brought Trent to the ring, and he couldn’t even go off the ropes for Goodnight Express.

Taylor made the save, Trent hit a lazy DDT counter, and it would be a handicap match. Wheeler would use the belt to deck Taylor when the referee wasn’t looking, and FTR wins this one. This makes three defenses, and continues FTR’s winning streak. Following this loss, Miro rushed the ring and beat them down.

Who will be next to face FTR? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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