WWE Raw Results (11/30) – Sudden Death Triple Threat Match – AJ Styles w/Jordan defeated Riddle (pin) and Keith Lee

Styles hit Riddle with a Phenomenal Forearm for the win

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WWE Raw Results have been waiting for this match, and Riddle went for Styles with a knee right away, but Styles ducked and rolled out of the ring, so Riddle turned his sights to Lee.

Styles grabbed Riddle’s leg and pulled him out of the ring, and Riddle reversed Styles’ hold and threw Styles into the barricade.

Lee then met Riddle on the apron with a right that sent him back to the floor, and did the same when Styles tried to enter the ring.

Lee then went for a suicide dive and Styles and Riddle split.

Lee then went after Styles, and Styles stomped him when Lee tried to slide into the ring.

Riddle went after Styles from behind and hit several strikes and a kick before Style hit Riddle in the throat with a shot.

Lett then grabbed both by the throat, but they broke away and went off the ropes, and Lee leapfrogged them both.

Styles caught himself on the ropes on the next pass and Riddle stopped and kicked him over the ropes and to the floor. Lee then hit Riddle with a crossbody for a near pinfall.

Lee picked Riddle up and hit with a right, and then hit with a couple of blows in the corner before he sent Styles into Riddle, then hit Styles with a backdrop off the ropes.

Styles rolled out of the ring while Riddle fought back, but Lee absorbed the blows and hit a clubbing blow to Riddle’s back.

Lee then stood on Riddle’s fingers, but Riddle hit with a series of rights before Lee nailed him with a left and dropped him.

Riddle ducked Lee’s next strike and sent him to the apron. Lee then shoved Riddle into the ring post and hit with a left before he dropped to the floor, where Styles slammed his head into the apron.

Lee shoved Styles back and Jordan caught him and placed Styles on the apron, where Style hit Lee with a running knee.

Riddle knocked Styles off the apron with a knee to the face, and then hopped to the apron and sling shotted off the middle rope to hit Styles and Lee with a moonsault as we headed to commercial

Styles in charge

Back from commercial, they’re back in the ring and Riddle hit both with kicks and then Styles with a Broton and Lee with a pair of Brotons for a pin attempt.

Riddle then hit Styles with a gut wrench suplex, but Styles got his feet up to counter another Broton.

Lee then threw Styles into a corner, then then into another where Styles slid under the ropes and into the ring post.

Lee threw Riddle across the ring and hit a splash in the corner. Lee threw Riddle across the ring again.

Riddle hit a series of strikes, but Lee silenced them with one of his own.

Riddled fought out of a Spirit Bomb and tried to lock in an armbar, but Lee was too strong. Styles tried to interfere, and Lee swung Riddle like a weapon and knocked Styles across the ring.

Lee curled Riddle up, and Riddle released his hold and hit with a kick, then hit splashes on Lee and Styles before hitting Styles with an Exploder.

Lee shoved Riddle out of the air and across the ring for a near pinfall.

Styles fought out of a hold by Lee and dropped Lee to a knee with a knee, and then hit with a running forearm for a near pinfall.

Styles headed to the top rope, but Lee hit him with a headbutt, and then climbed up to attempt a superplex.

Riddle hit Lee from behind and tried a powerbomb, but Lee was too much. Lee tossed Riddle aside and Styles hit Lee with a crossbody for a near pin.

Lee kicked out, throwing Styles onto Riddle for another pin attempt.

Styles kept after Riddle and set Riddle up for a Styles Clash, but Lee grabbed him from behind. Styles hit Lee with a series of elbows, then sidestepped a knee by Riddle the caught Lee.

Style hammered away on Riddle, and Riddle caught him with a Pele kick after they exchanged dodges of kicks.

Riddle hit a German Suplex for a near pinfall.

Lee then grabbed Riddle and threw him over his head, but Riddle landed on his feet.

Riddle nailed Lee with a Final Flash Knee and then a second to drop Lee, and Styles hit Riddle with a Phenomenal Forearm for the win.

This was the outcome WWE Raw Results hoped for, and after the match, Jordan and Styes celebrated in the ring before the camera switched to backstage.

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