How Could WWE Fix NXT UK?

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WWE have had a lot of failed experiments over the years but one that hurts me the most is NXT UK. It has been hit by the pandemic as the lack of travel hurt it. As well as the Speaking Out Movement which had a massive effect on the show.

That being it said, it did feel like before all of this, there were already some problems with the show. At the time, it did start hitting new grounds. With Finn Balor making appearances and rumours of other wrestlers appearing as well. There were some problems when NXT UK when it was at its Apex that felt like it could have been fixed. 

More NXT, Smackdown and Raw wrestlers 

The biggest pull for views are wrestlers. At the start of NXT UK, we had near no wrestlers from other brands. Pete Dunne and Moustache Mountain were at the time the big ratings wrestlers. Even though the focus should have really been these wrestlers.

The fact that there were no wrestlers from the other brands made it feel lower in the food chain. If they had the underrated wrestlers like Cesaro or Sami Zayn and actually have them stay in NXT UK for a year or two just to give that extra star power. It might have annoyed some of the signies in NXT UK but it could bring in a larger audience. 

Making the talent sign exclusive contracts

After a while, it was reported that NXT UK signed exclusive contracts making them unable to wrestle at other companies in the UK. This is a terrible choice due to that if they are trying to grow NXT UK’s audience. They should have at least done more of the UK tour near the start of the lifespan of NXT UK to grow that audience across the UK.

All these things could have changed the brand for the better. As at the minute, it’s kind of surprising that WWE haven’t given up on the company all together. How NXT UK will grow is unknown with NXT still wanting to go to different countries.

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