Impact Wrestling Preview (1/5) – Rhino and Cousin Jake vs. Eric Young and Joe Doering

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Eric Young has been building a following since the Turning Point pay-per-view, and it’s one of the coolest concepts Impact Wrestling Preview has seen.

The fact it’s about wrestlers realizing the business doesn’t give back unless they take what they want isn’t new, but when done through Young’s psychotic mindset makes it so engaging we love every minute of it.

This one has so much potential as Cousin Jake and Rhino are not only attempting to stop Young and Joe Doering, but get a measure of revenge as well.

Doering and Young beat up Heath and took him out of action (Heath was legitimately injured so this wrote him off TV for the moment) and Rhino wants his pound of flesh.

Added flavor

Rhino’s also been tasked by Scott D’Amore to end Young, so he’s been helping out those Young and Doering have been attacking in the ring.

When he faced Young at Final Resolution, Cousin Jake and Cody Deaner came out to help him when Doering and Young were in the process of taking him apart.

But Cody turned on Jake, and now Jake will seek to take out Young and Doering in the hope of getting Cody back.

Unfortunately for him, even if he and Rhino win, we expect Cody to come in and help beat them down if he doesn’t affect the outcome of the match.

This could also mark the return of Heath, depending on how well his treatment’s been going, though it feels a week or two too soon for that. Once he does return, this is going to be a fun faction rivalry.

More to come?

Playing devil’s advocate, Impact Wrestling Preview has to point out that Heath would be a perfect one for Young to recruit as he’s been struggling to get an Impact Wrestling contract.

It’s fair to note that D’Amore promised the contract Heath wanted will be there when he’s healthy, and Heath owes so much to Rhino that we don’t see him turning.

That would be overkill and be something we’d expect WWE to do, so lease don’t break our hearts, Impact.

There is another possibility and though it may be out there, Brian Myers would be a possibly addition to Young’s growing stable.

Myers has a similar mindset as Young after his departure from the WWE, so he could fit right in. The problem there is Myers is a bit too free willed for Young to control, so it’s doubtful this will happen.

Still, it’s fun to imagine the possibilities, isn’t it? let us know what you think will happen tonight in the comments below.

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