WWE 205 Live Results: Curt Stallion & Ever-Rise vs. Ariya Daivari & Bollywood Boyz

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Ever since the big Fatal Five Way match to name a number one contender match in 2020, Ever-Rise and Bollywood Boyz have been bitter rivals. Granted, neither of these teams were in the match, but they were both paid by Tony Nese & Ariya Daivari to be their insurance policies, and both failed.

Since then, we’ve seen tag team matches, tornado tag team matches, and even singles matches. This week, it’s six man tag action as Ever-Rise buddy up with #1 contender Curt Stallion to take on Bollywood Boyz & Ariya Daivari.

Curt Stallion & Ever-Rise Show Incredible Chemistry

Stallion would start alongside Daivari, and Stallion got an early headbutt. He’d be thrown off the ropes and nailed in the stomach with a big knee strike, before being taken into the corner for some strikes. Stallion tried to fight back, but a chop to the throat and back suplex stopped those plans. Daivari claimed he didn’t need Bollywood Boyz before dropping Stallion with a dropkick, and nearly losing the match after a small package. A dropkick from Stallion sent Daivari into his corner, with Sumir tagging himself in.

Stallion kept control and tagged Martel in, but Martel lost control and Sunil came in. Martel dodged a double lariat and hit one of his own. Parker tagged in just to knee Sunil in the head after Martel got the backbreaker. Stallion tagged in, and these quick tags have kept Sunil isolated, who would take a triple fist drop.

Sunil tried to get fancy with Martel and got stomped in the face, but Sumir was able to tag in and blindside Martel. Daivari now wanted to tag back in, and Sumir completely ignored him. Sunil came in, hit a suplex on Martel and tagged his partner in. Sumir hit the diving bulldog and applied a choke, as Parker started a defense chant for Martel.

Ariya Daivari Isn’t A Team Player

Martel needed to get back into this match, and a big whip into the corner would drop Sumir to the mat. Sumir grabbed the ankle of Martel, to try and prevent the tag. He got a tag to Sunil, who went right into the headlock. Daivari yelled for a tag and then tagged himself in, but it was more of a chop to the back of the neck of Sunil.

Immediatly, he took Parker off the apron and tried to get Stallion as well, before focusing on Martel. Martel countered the neckbreaker attempt into an attempt of a backslide, but couldn’t get Daivari over. They’d crash into each other with lariats, and tag in Stallion & Sumir respectively. Stallion threw some kicks and the rolling elbow, before the big boot in the corner. He might not be a student of Katsuyori Shibata, but he nails a dropkick in the corner as good as he ever did.

Sumir was pulled into a DDT, and barely kicked out at two. Ever-Rise got some signature tag team offense with the drop-toe hold into elbow drop, with Stallion getting involved as well. Stallion went up top and took out an interfering Daivari with a crossbody, before almost being pinned by Sunil with a roll up. Daivari was tagged in briefly, before setting Stallion up for Sumir to dive in. Sumir instead got Daivari with a back elbow, and Daivari wanted to leave the match.

Stallion dove onto the bickering trio, then tagged in Martel. Ever-Rise hit the double flapjack onto the ropes, and Stallion nailed a running headbutt, allowing Martel to pin Sumir for the win.

Will we see more of Curt Stallion & Ever-Rise going forward? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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