Kofi Kingston Could Miss His Chance To Tie Royal Rumble Record In WWE

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When it comes to Royal Rumbles, Kofi Kingston has been one of the most consistent highlight makers over the past decade. He always comes up with a way to narrowly escape elimination, from landing on the barricade to using a chair to pojo stick his way back to the ring. However, that has distracted from his brewing streak in the match type. Kofi Kingston has been in 12 straight Royal Rumble matches, and the record is only 13. However, a broken jaw potentially puts tieing and breaking this record in danger.

Kofi Kingston Hasn’t Missed A Royal Rumble Match Since 2009

In 2009, Kofi Kingston would enter the Royal Rumble for the very first time. Since then, even if he had another match at the event, you could expect to see him in the match at some point. 12 in a row is impressive, but Kane has him beat by just one match. Kingston was in the match from 2009 to 2020, but never forget the Royal Rumble was where Kane truly shined.

In addition to once holding the record number of eliminations, Kane appeared in the Royal Rumble match from 1999 to 2016, 13 in a row. Had he been in the 1998 match, this record would have been 16, as he appeared in 1996 as Isaac Yankem and 1997 as Fake Diesel. Kingston likely would have topped this record had it not been for this unfortunately timed injury.

Enter Dolph Ziggler

However, there is one other man who can pull this off! It’s someone who Kofi Kingston has been intertwined with many times in his career, that being Dolph Ziggler. Much like Kingston, Ziggler entered his first Royal Rumble in 2009, and has yet to miss the match since. He doesn’t have as many memorable moments, but every single year he’s been there.

Ziggler recently became Smackdown Tag Team Champion alongside Robert Roode, meaning while he could be occupied on January 31st? He will likely be in the match, letting him tie the record of Kane, then likely beat it in 2022. For once, Ziggler won’t have to say that it should have been him.

Do you think Kingston could still make the Royal Rumble to keep the streak alive? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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