More Details On The Upcoming AEW Video Game

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After years of being let down by the annual WWE 2K games, fans are hungry for something new in terms of wrestling video games. This made the announcement that newcomers All Elite Wrestling (AEW) had plans to enter the video game market even more exciting. We previously learned that they will be working with Yukes, and have the director of WWF No Mercy on board for the development of this game.

Now, after another AEW Games YouTube stream and an interview with ChocoPro’s Lulu Pencil, we have a nice pile of new information for an update on what to expect from this game.

AEW Are Trying For A 2021 or 2022 Release

Last time, we learned that they were building a game engine from scratch for this game. That will often make development take a long time, and people would correctly guess a late 2021 or 2022 release date.

Kenny Omega would confirm that 2021 is the aim, but there is no concrete date in mind, making 2022 just as likely at this time. This means that by this time next year, we could either be playing this game, or have pre-orders done, and be patiently waiting.

Kenny Omega Reveals Some Planned Features And Other Information

Now for the smaller information, which might be more interesting. Firstly, Omega joked that Micheal Nakazawa will not be in the game at release. This was likely a joke, or fans simply need to pay extra for the privilege of playing as one of Omega’s best friends.

The game will include the option to edit the AEW Wrestlers within the game, allowing you to give them different attires and such, hopefully allowing fans to keep looks accurate between game releases. You will also be able to upload custom theme songs for both the AEW roster and created wrestlers, a very key feature that has been missing from WWE 2K games for years now.

The game is planned to have a Campaign/Story mode, as well as some mini-games. Perhaps Evil Uno is getting his wish of an AEW Wacky Races game after all, which is the best news. Finally, they won’t be using motion capture for animations, and it will be done the old fashioned way.

Does this new information increase your excitement about the upcoming AEW game? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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