NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 15 Almost Cancelled By State Of Emergency Request In Tokyo

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We’re on the cusp of another two night visit to the Tokyo Dome with New Japan Pro Wrestling, as they gear up for Wrestle Kingdom 15. This year will see reduced attendance, and will only see as many as 15k fans in the venue which holds up to 55k comfortably. However, as the COVID-19 situation worsens in Tokyo following New Years celebrations, a state of emergency was almost called.

We Almost Saw A No-Fans Tokyo Dome Show

The key word in this situation is almost. Tokyo requested the state of emergency after hitting a record of 1,337 cases on New Year’s Eve, the most cases in the city since May 3rd, 2020. Fears of another emergency situation happening if things progressed at this rate were valid, but there were no shutdowns at this time.

It’s highly unlikely that Wrestle Kingdom 15 would have been cancelled, seeing as talent from around the world have already flown in and been isolating for this event. Names like El Phantasmo are making their return to Japan for the show, as well as English commentator Kevin Kelly. The crew is safe, likely being tested before entering the arena, and the show will go on, even just to keep tradition alive.

NJPW Have Been Running January 4th Shows Since 1992

While 2020 saw Wrestle Kingdom turn into a two day event, taking place over January 4th and January 5th, the important date is the 4th. This is because that date has seen NJPW run the Tokyo Dome every year since 1992. Back then, it was promoted as Super Warriors in Tokyo dome, and has taken names such as Wrestling World, Final Power Hall, and more before they stuck with Wrestle Kingdom in 2007.

This is their most well known show, contains their biggest matches, and once again could steal the show of the year name before things even get moving. It’s yet to be seen if this event could see a larger spike in COVID-19 cases as the situation in Tokyo worsens, but NJPW have been wise up to this point in regards to the pandemic, and can hopefully be trusted to keep everyone safe.

Are NJPW wise to keep moving with plans for Wrestle Kingdom 15? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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