AEW Dynamite Results: Dr. Britt Baker DMD vs. Nyla Rose [AEW Women’s World Championship Eliminator Match]

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This week’s offering from the AEW Women’s division is a semi finals match in the American bracket of the tournament. Britt Baker defeated Madi Wrenkowski this past Monday on YouTube, while Nyla Rose beat Tay Conti. Now, these two top contenders will clash to see who will face the winner of Riho vs. Thunder Rosa in the American finals.

Britt Baker Throws A Fit

Rose would shove Baker to the mat in the opening lock up, showing the clear power edge. Baker came back by applying a side headlock, but Rose shoved her off and absorbed the shoulder tackle before hitting a scoop slam. Rose would almost get a count out win as Baker threw a fit at ringside, an attempt at mind games that worked. Baker got a boot as she got into the ring, before being dropped with a samoan drop.

Rose wanted the cannonball senton to injure the leg of Baker again, but this was avoided. Instead, Rose just planted her into the mat, and Baker fled to the outside. This was another smart move, as Baker was able to yank Rose into the ring post, and used this to hold control through the picture in picture break. She’d just keep Rose grounded with strikes and submission holds.

Nyla Rose Won’t Be Denied

However, coming back from the break, Rose hit a superplex and rolled back into a suplex position, but instead was hit by one from Baker. Rose came back with some big strikes, including a leaping lariat, before setting up and leg drop of the middle rope. Reba ran a distraction and got planted on the apron, before Rose hit a neckbreaker on Baker. She was thinking Beast Bomb, but Baker broke free and hit a superkick.

Baker got the glove for Lockjaw, but walked into a chokeslam. Reba got back into the ring, and was dropped into the corner and hit with a senton. Baker would get a russian leg sweep on Rose and try for lockjaw, but failing to get the hold. Instead, she’d hit two superkicks, and go for the hold again. Rose would use clubbing blows to stay free, before hitting a big right hand and nail Beast Bomb for a two count. Another superkick was countered into another Beast Bomb, and Rose wins!

Will Rose face Thunder Rosa or Riho? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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