WWE NXT Results: Dexter Lumis vs. Johnny Gargano

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Johnny Gargano has had a lot of challengers lately, his latest being KUSHIDA at NXT Takeover: Vengeance Day. That match was a serious test for Gargano, as The Way was not at ringside thanks to Dexter Lumis kidnapping Austin Theory. Theory wouldn’t be found until the following Wednesday, where he was found tied up in his underwear. It’s best to not ask too many questions, and Gargano simply wants a match to teach Lumis a lesson tonight.

Dexter Lumis Might Be Creepy, But He’s A Gentleman

After Gargano rallied the troops before the match, he’d meet Lumis in the ring. Lumis would stare a hole through Gargano, but be ready to punch his lights out when he charged in. Gargano crawled away, and Lumis made chase only to be pummeled. Lumis blocked One Final Beat with a throat thrust, and slipped out of and under the ring to get behind Gargano.

Gargano would take some clubbing blows and a double axe handle, getting a one count. Lumis got Gargano up for a delayed vertical suplex, and despite Gargano’s best efforts, he was planted hard into the middle of the ring. Gargano slipped to the outside, Lumis followed and was driven into the apron and slammed head first onto the floor.

Lumis dodged a PK, kipped up and flapjacked Gargano face first into the apron. Theory & Hartwell both got into the face of Lumis, before LeRae went for a running hurricanrana, only to be blocked and placed safely on the apron. Lumis was a gentleman, and Gargano hit a baseball slide through his wifes legs to drop him before hitting the suicide dive.

Throughout the picture in picture break, Gargano would press his advantage over Lumis with some brawling in the ring. Clubbing blows, chokes on the ropes, few signs of Johnny Wrestling here. Lumis fought back when able, but Gargano would hit a Russian Leg Sweep and slip right into the pinfall for a two count.

Things Don’t Go Johnny Gargano’s Way

Gargano would apply a chinlock before moving into a sleeper hold. Lumis would slam him into the corner before hitting a backbreaker to break the hold. Gargano was hit with a big throat thrust before a bulldog and slingshot suplex. A belly to back suplex and a kip up into a leg drop got a two count once again.

Gargano tried to roll Lumis into a kick, but Lumis dodged. Lumis narrowly avoided the Gargano Escape, and nailed a spinebuster before heading up to the top rope. He would be unable to get the double stomp, but rolled and caught Gargano with a throat thrust before taking a superkick.

LeRae would distract the referee as Theory grabbed a steel chair, before Gargano would distract the referee. Theory wouldn’t have a chance to hit Lumis, and Gargano walked right into Silence from Lumis. In the middle of the ring, he had nowhere to go, and passed out. Lumis just beat the North American Champion.

Will Dexter Lumis get a title shot? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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