WWE Raw Live Results (2/22) – Elimination Chamber Aftermath – New Champions, New Directions

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Hello and welcome to WWE Raw Live Results!

I’m your host, CP Bialois, and we’re all set for a fun show tonight.

With the Miz as WWE Champion and Riddle as the United States Champion, we’re expecting some new rivalries and storylines tonight.

Let’s grab some snacks, and WWE Raw Live Results will be back for the 8 p.m. EST showtime.

Segment 1

The Miz started the show off by being introduced as the WWE Champion by John Morrison.

MVP and Bobby Lashley came out and demanded Miz give him his title shot they agreed on for Lashley’s help with McIntyre last night within one hour or Lashley will wreck him,

Segment 2

Riddle vs. John Morrison

This started more of a gritty type of match than we expected, and Riddle hit a fisherman-type of suplex on the apron as we headed to commercial.

Segment 3

A great back and forth match ended when Riddle hit the Bro Derek for the win.

A commercial said Rhea Ripley will be coming to Raw soon.

Segment 4

Damian Priest chased R-Truth away from Bad Bunny’s 24/7 Championship, and Adam Pearce told Miz he has to make a decision on what to do, so Miz pulled out his phone.

Segment 5

The New Day (Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods) vs. Retribution (T-Bar and Mace) w/Mustafa Ali, Slapjack, and Reckoning

Mace and T-Bar dominated, but Ali wanted more Kingston hit a Trouble in Paradise on both and pinned T-Bar.

After the match, Ali tore into them for failing him again and again.

This felt weak for Mace and T-Bar. They’re monsters and shouldn’t be beaten with a single kick each like this.

Segment 6

With his time up, Miz said he needed more time, and Braun Strowman came out demanding a title shot.

Shane McMahon then came out and after Strowman went on a “that sucks!” rant, Shane made a match between Strowman and Lashley later tonight.

If Strowman wins, he’ll face Lashley and Miz next week in a triple threat match for the WWE Championship.

Before leaving the ring, Lashley his a chop block on Strowman to soften him up.

Segment 7

Tornado Tag Match – The Hurt Business (Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander) vs. Lucha House Party (Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik)

This was a fun, gritty match that the Hurt Business dominated throughout before Benjamin hit Pay Dirt on Dorado for the win.

Segment 8

Damian Priest w/Bad Bunny vs. Angel Garza

A good match ended when Priest hit his Hit the Lights for the win. Garza could’ve won but he was busy talking trash with Bad Bunny and the official didn’t count Priest out.

Segment 9

Randy Orton explained how he’s not used to failing, but he’s been distracted lately. After saying he’s distracted by Alexa Bliss, the screen switched to the ceremony she held last week.

When it came back, and coughed up a mouthful of blood and stumbled out of the interview area.

Segment 10

Charlotte Flair and Asuka vs. Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax

This started out pretty slow but heated up as Flair sent Jax to the floor with a dropkick and Asuka knocked Baszler off the apron with a hip attack as we headed to commercial.

Segment 11

This was a fun brutal match that Jax won with a running leg drop on Asuka.

Segment 12

Sheamus vs. Jeff Hardy

This started off fast with Sheamus going on the attack, but Jeff fought back and hit a suicide leap off the ring steps as we headed to commercial.

Segment 13

Another brutal match was close, but Sheamus pulled it out with a Brogue Kick.

Charlotte had a heart to heart with Ric where she said she needs to be Charlotte Flair and can’t have him interfering constantly.

Segment 14

Naomi and Lana vs. Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke

This was a quick match that ended when Naomi and Lana hit Rose with a double face plant for the win.

Segment 15

AJ Styles w/Omos vs. Ricochet

This was another fast one that Ricochet nearly won before Styles hit with a knee and a Styles Clash.

After the match, Omos picked Ricochet up and slammed him to the mat

Segment 16

Braun Strowman vs. Bobby Lashley w/MVP

Lashley won a fun match between the giants, but it feels wrong that Strowman lost to a spear.

After the match, Lashley attacked Strowman with a Hurt Lock and dropped the Miz with a spear to close out the show.

While we’re glad it looks like it’ll be a one on one match next week, we don’t like how they keep adding stipulations to every match.

And when a monster like Strowman loses after a spinebuster and spear, it feels like we were cheated out of a huge clash between them.

Overall, we thought the show was pretty good though the last hour felt super rushed. What did you all think of it?

let us know in the comments below and thank you for joining WWE Raw Live Results. We had a blast like always and can’t wait to see you all next time.

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