AEW Revolution Results: Darby Allin & Sting vs. Brian Cage & Ricky Starks [Street Fight]

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In one of the most hyped matches from AEW Revolution, we see the return of WCW Icon Sting to an official match. He signed with AEW back in December, and since then has helped Darby Allin out against Team Taz. Tonight, he joins the TNT Champion as they wage war against Brian Cage & Ricky Starks, in a street fight! Both teams got their damage in on the build to this match, and we will see who stands tall in the end.

A Cinematic Match For The Ages?

This one was filmed in a cinematic style, the perfect way to present a Sting match in 2021. Starks & Cage rolled up to an undisclosed location, an old warehouse in Florida. Allin & Sting found a ring inside, as well as a referee. Sting hit the music of Allin from a truck roll on up. Allin chose to skateboard up among an arm of hoodlums dressed as Sting.

They’d finally reach the building, and were ready for war. Everyone got into the ring, and Sting threw Allin into Cage. Cage tried to throw Allin off a wall, but he bounced off into a German Suplex. Sting was attacked next, before Cage took out some hoodlums, and drove Allin spine first into the post.

Allin would be choked and pulled away, while Starks met Sting in the ring. Sting hit a lariat and Stinger Splash, before a press slam into the corner. Cage & Allin brawled on some hard wood, Allin fighting free of a powerbomb and hitting a chop block. Allin was driven head first into a wall, and thrown into a door, breaking it down.

Back in the ring, Sting hit another splash before sending Starks outside. He’d stalk after Starks, throwing his bat at him. Starks claimed he’s nothing without the bat, so Sting threw it away and beat him with his hands. He’d slam him against the wall and go looking for his partner.

Sting Proves He’s Still A Badass, Team Taz Is All Here

Allin was being battered all the way up the stairs, and Cage carried him up while holding him in a Vertical Suplex, crashing him down onto a trash can. Cage was met with Sting who threw him into a ladder. It was two on one, but Starks finally caught up. He’d whack Sting with a steel pipe and shove a barrel into him, but dodged a shot from Cage, having him hit his own partner.

Allin hopped onto the back of Cage, but was driven into the surroundings. Cage looked for a powerbomb, but Sting got him with a fire extinguisher. Allin broke a bottle over his head, and alongside Sting sent him through a table. Starks hit Sting with a 2×4, but Allin climbed a support and hit a Coffin Drop on Starks. Powerhouse Hobbs was here and so was Hook, and they’d beat down Allin.

Cage got up and threw Sting aside, and we had Team Taz all on hand, and they’d throw Allin through a displaced window. Hook would kick Sting in the ribs, and he’d be on the bad end of a three on one beating, four on one when Starks gets back up. Allin got back to life and threw the bat of Sting down. He’d even the odds before breaking it over the back of Cage and hitting him with a shovel.

Sting set Cage up, and Allin dove two stories down onto him. Starks crawled back into the ring, and Sting was there. Sting dove into an exposed turnbuckle and was run down with a spear. Starks hit a low blow and set up a powerbomb but Sting countered for a two count. Sting hit the Scorpion Death Drop, and this one was done.

Where does this rank among recent Cinematic Matches? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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