Impact Wrestling Results (3/9) Trey Miguel Defeated Sam Beale w/Sami Callihan by Submission; Impact Tag Team Championship Contract Signing

Trey locked in an armbar for the win

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Impact Wrestling Results returned as Trey headed to the ring.

Sami Callihan came out and told him that Trey’s a quitter and the only thing he’s done right is train the man he’s about to bring out to the ring.

Callihan then introduced Sam Bearle.

Trey tried to talk Sam down but Sam hit im from behind when Trey was jawing with Callihan. He hammered on Trey, but Trey hit a dropkick off the ropes.

Trey then hit a figure 4 suplex and slapped on an armbar for the submission.

Callihan applauded from the stage and when Trey went after him, Callihan pulled out his phone and appeared in the ring, where he hit a piledriver on Sam. Callihan then disappeared again.

Trey left the ring and his student laying in the middle of it.

Storm and Sabin challenge Violent by Design

Backstage, Storm and Sabin were in shock from the attack and Sabin said they knew each other for 20 years and Young disgusts him.

Storm said they have to cut the head off a snake to kill it, and they’re coming through his group to get to him at Sacrifice.

Jake Something came up to them and said he’s been there and said he’s been there and though they don’t need his help in the ring, he wants to be in their corner as a neutralizer for you.

Looks like we have another awesome match to look forward to.

Tony Kahn’s paid advertisement

Tony Kahn held another paid advertisement and he said how happy he was with the buy rate for their pay-per-view and said tomorrow’s AEW Dynamite will be something we don’t want to miss.

He ran down Christian Cage’s signing and other matches and segments tomorrow night.

He added that Kenny Omega is a great champion, but he’s horrible at designing and exploding death match. It’s nice to see him poking fun at the botch to show it’s all good.

Impact Tag Team Contract Signing for Sacrifice – The Good Brothers and FinJuice

Scott D’Amore presided over the Impact Tag Team Championship contract signing.

Anderson said he’s looking forward to put FinJuice in their place, and ignored D’Amore as he tried to get them to sign.

Gallows wanted to drink and Finlay said a drink sounds good.

D’Amore left them the paperwork and told them to sign it and get it back to him since he knows where this is going.

After taking shots, FinJuice were fine after one shot and the Good Brothers mocked them, and then poured a second shot.

They downed round two and Anderson was ready to sign, and Finlay asked if they’re only doing two shots?

Finley poured a third shot as Gallows and Anderson signed, then handed it to Finlay and Robinson to sign.

The Good Brothers down their shots and FinJuice threw theirs in their faces.

A brawl ensued and the four men had a fun bar fight as fists, knees, and headbutts flew. Impact Wrestling Results loves a good bar room brawl to clear the air.

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