Ring Of Honor 19th Anniversary Results: Tracy Williams & Rhett Titus vs. Kenny King & La Bestia Del Ring [ROH World Tag Team Championship Match]

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This match was supposed to see Kenny King defend the ROH World Tag Team Championships alongside Dragon Lee, but surgery prevented Dragon Lee from making the show. Instead, he teams up with La Bestia Del Ring to defend against Tracy Williams & Rhett Titus. Titus & King were The All Night Express at one point, and members of The Rebellion, but now face each other down as rivals.

Tracy Williams took the TV title from La Faccion Ingornable earlier in the night, and there were cracks forming in the bond between King & the rest of LFI, but they’d have to work together here. Bestia has been impressing so far, but this was his first time teaming with Kenny King like this.

La Faccion Ingobernables Show Chemistry

Bestia struck first on Williams, as King faced off with Titus. King & Titus brawled to the outside, with Titus diving off the apron with a shoulder block. Titus was thrown into the barricade and kicked in the stomach.

Bestia would hit a running lariat and a double dropkick. A scoop slam from King set up a senton bomb from Bestia, who wanted Williams in the ring. They’d trade heavy chops in the middle of the ring, before Williams hit the ropes and got run down with a lariat. Bestia looked for a running senton, but there was no one home.

King hit a kick to the back before Bestia set him up on the ropes crotch first, before King hit a spin kick and dive to the outside. Williams got back in and traded more strikes with Bestia, before they met with double clotheslines. King & Titus got tags, and they’d slug it out.

Titus won out, before the Eddy Gordo kick from King. He came back with a Belly To Belly Suplex, before Bestia nailed him with a dropkick. A monkey flip sent Bestia across the ring, and Titus hit a stinger splash on King. Williams & Titus tore King down, before Williams applied a Texas Cloverleaf.

Tracy Williams Makes History

Bestia tried his Best-ia to break the Cloverleaf, but Williams didn’t let go. Titus got a single leg crab on Bestia, but King got the ropes and got free. King applied the Haas of Pain, an ode to Charlie Haas, but Titus broke up the submission with a knee drop. Titus pulled Williams into the tag, and Titus dropkicked King into a piledriver from Williams.

Bestia broke up a submission from Titus to King, before dropping Williams with a bastard driver. King tagged out, and Bestia traded blows with Titus. Bestia countered the Monkey Flip, and hit a Codebreaker in the ropes. Amy Rose threw in a chair, but the referee got it. Bestia no sold the hydraulic dropkick, but was cut down into the Full Nelson, and Titus tapped him out to win the match!

After the match, King & Bestia took out Amy Rose with a spear, and that was it for her here.
This win makes Tracy Williams the first man to win two championships on a single PPV in ROH. Can Jay Lethal complete the clean sweep for The Foundation? Whats next for LFI? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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