Ring Of Honor Results: The Foundation (Jay Lethal, Jonathan Gresham, Tracy Williams & Rhett Titus) vs. La Facción Ingobernable (RUSH, Dragon Lee, Kenny King & La Bestia del Ring)

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This Friday at ROH 19th Anniversary, there are two factions littered throughout the card in matches. The Foundation & La Facción Ingobernable will be in three titles matches, with Jay Lethal going after ROH World Champion RUSH, Tracy Williams going after the ROH TV Champion Dragon Lee, and and Tracy Williams also will team with Rhett Titus who are set to challenge Dragon Lee & Kenny King for the ROH Tag Team Championships. Everyone is in action here tonight in what promises to be an insane eight man tag team match!

A Messy Start To This War

Dragon Lee would start with Jonathan Gresham, and they’d pick the pace up fast. Lee hit a slap to the face, and even Gresham is ready to throw hands with Lee and hit a closed first punch. This one nearly broke down into a fight as Dragon Lee spit on Jay Lethal. Bestia would tag in, and Tracy Williams would step up to him.

Williams hit a big shot to the stomach, before Bestia just shook it off and hit strikes of his own. Bestia hit a running lariat, and spit on Jay Lethal again. He corners Williams and shows his speed with a back elbow strike before a suplex, before missing a senton.

Lethal got a tag and demanded RUSH, only to have the taste slapped out of his mouth. RUSH gave his best strikes, and Lethal just took it and gave it right back and showed no fear. He’d get RUSH out of the ring and nail a dive through the ropes, before he’d slap Bestia in the face and nearly caught another brawl.

Kenny King tagged in, and met his old partner of Rhett Titus. Titus took him down with a front facelock, using pure wrestling and his knowledge of King to take him down. A tight hammerlock was applied, but King slipped out and missed a wheel kick before Titus missed a dropkick. Titus finally lost his head and unloaded some heavy shots which King sent right back.

Tracy Williams would tag in, and go right after the arm of King. He locked it up, and Lethal came off the top rope with a double axe handle to the arm, before stomping the arm for good measure. Gresham was in next, and he’d tie up the arm like only he could, and even grabbed the leg as well. King slipped free, but the damage was done.

La Facción Ingobernable Tear Down The Foundation

RUSH got a tag, and L.F.I all swarmed The Foundation. This broke down into a brawl. Dragon Lee took Titus to the announce table only to throw him back to ringside, RUSH & Bestia were slamming heads in barricades and more. Bestia dumped Lethal with a back body drop, and RUSH choked Titus with a cable.

L.F.I would get Lethal back into the ring and all rain down strikes on him, before setting up a four way drop kick. Williams jumped into the ring, and they’d beat him down and take his shoulder protector off before beating him down. King hit a big spinebuster, before RUSH & Bestia pulled him outside of the ring.

Titus came in and was similarly swarmed, and was able to fight off Dragon Lee before Bestia & RUSH pulled him down and let King hit a frog splash. Gresham was pulled into the ring, but he’d use his speed and skill to take down Lee & King at once, before dropping Bestia & RUSH and tagging in Titus.

A belly to belly suplex threw King aside, before Titus hit a Northern Lights Suplex over the top rope on Bestia. Williams tagged in and dropped Bestia with a piledriver, but Lee broke it up. Titus threw forearms with Dragon Lee, before Tracy Williams got involved to make the save. RUSH would take out Williams, before Lethal hit Lethal Injection.

King hit a Blue Thunder Bomb on Lethal, before Gresham hit him with a springboard moonsault. Bestia was legal in the ring and nailed the Bastard Driver on Williams to get the win.

Will L.F.I stand tall at the 19th Anniversary? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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