WWE NXT UK Results: Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter vs. Amir Jordan & Kenny Williams

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Last week saw new NXT UK Tag Team Champions crowned, as Pretty Deadly bested Gallus in a great match. This changing of the guard has reinvigorated the tag team division, and just in time for Kenny Williams to return to the ring alongside Amir Jordan. They will have Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter tonight, in a match which could start one of these teams to rise to a title shot in the coming months.

Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter Show Their Tag Team Chemistry

Williams would start up, excited to be back in the ring. Carter would start for his team, and grab an armbar. Williams rolled free, showing he’s not lost a step, before being caught with a sunset flip attempt for a one count. Carter went for another roll up, and was matching the speed of Williams in the early goings.

Williams rolled into the ankle pick, but gave the hold up to go for a belly to back suplex. Carter rolled out and tagged in Smith, who just ran Williams down with a shoulder tackle. Smith threw some clubbing blows before a big judo style chop went Williams flying. Jordan tagged in, and applied a headlock on Smith, who was able to power out with a back suplex attempt, but Jordan just grabbed the headlock again.

Smith fully broke free, but missed two lariat attempts before falling to the running crossbody. Jordan ended up in the wrong corner and took a knee strike from Smith. Carter got the tag, and kept the aggression flowing with more strikes before a double team move with his partner. Smith hit another big shoulder tackle, and Jordan was firmly isolated. Carter nailed some knee drops in the middle of the ring, before Smith tagged back in.

Kenny Williams & Amir Jordan Sneak The Win

Jordan would slip out of the grip of the powerhouse Smith, getting a backslide for a two count and a step up enzuguri before tagging Williams back in! Williams exploded into the ring with a springboard back elbow on Smith, before taking Carter off the apron. Carter caught another springboard attempt before going for a powerbomb, Williams countering into a sunset flip.

Williams would take out both Smith & Carter as they tried something on the apron, before being joined by Jordan for tandem dives. Jordan went up top as Williams hit the facebuster, and nailed the Senton Bomb. Carter broke the pin up before nailing Williams with a spinning wheel kick in the corner.

Carter was launched into a 450 Splash on Jordan by Smith, but Williams broke the pinfall up. Williams hit a dropkick on Smith, and back in the ring Carter had the pinfall on Jordan. A quick yank of the leg shifted this one around, and Jordan gets the pinfall on Carter! Will Kenny Williams & Amir Jordan get the first go at Pretty Deadly? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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