Ring Of Honor 19th Anniversary Results: Tracy Williams vs. Kenny King [ROH World TV Championship Match]

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Tonight, Kenny King & Tracy Williams are both doing double duty. Dragon Lee is the ROH World TV Champion, but surgery to repair a ruptured eardrum means that he couldn’t make the show. So Kenny King is stepping in to defend the belt for Lee tonight, and as a two time TV Champion in his own right, he knows what it takes to keep it.

Kenny King Hits Some Major Power Moves

There would be no handshake, Williams extending the hand and King refusing. Williams quickly took King down before applying a quick Cobra Stretch, but King got the ropes and got out. King applied a headlock, but Williams easily slipped out before targeting the ankle of King.

Williams would be kicked off, but got a roll up and got right back on control with a submission. King slipped out and hit some heavy blows before a shotgun dropkick. Williams would fire back with some quick strikes of his own, before taking the spinebuster and Tiger Bomb from King. King got a two count here, but Williams wasn’t going home yet.

Tracy Williams Tastes Gold For The First Time

Williams was cornered and King went to the eyes, before Williams went to the second rope. King wanted a superkick, but was shoved off, he’d hand on his feet and hit a big enziguri. Williams still set up the DDT off the top turnbuckle, before hitting the Death Valley Driver.

King was lit up with some heavy handed chops, before Williams took him down with the crossface. Manager Amy Rose would get the foot of King on the rope and point it out. She’d distract the referee before King hit a low blow and rolled Williams up for the two count. Rose would then shove the TV title into the ring, before Williams was able to snatch King and hit a Piledriver for the win!

Will this just be the first win for Tracy Williams tonight on 19th Anniversary? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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