Ring Of Honor 19th Anniversary Results: Jay Lethal vs. RUSH [ROH World Championship Match]

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This one could be a main event anywhere in the world, and it’s the headline match for tonight’s PPV. It’s a first time singles match between two of the greatest ROH World Champions in recent history. RUSH has only been beaten once since coming to ROH, but Lethal truly deserves the title of Greatest First Generation Wrestler.

Lethal is on the cusp of becoming a three time ROH World Champion, and retakes his spot at the top of the promotion tonight. If The Foundation can keep La Faccion Ingornable at bay, and Lethal can keep this in the ring? RUSH might not be able to keep up with him. If it breaks down into the brawl, RUSH wins every time. It just depends on who controls the match.

Jay Lethal Came Ready For Battle

RUSH, El Toro Blanco wore white on the day he was to kill a king of ROH, rocking his typical big match attire. Lethal & RUSH had Code of Honor, the first time RUSH ever adhered to this in his career, showing respect for Lethal.

RUSH applied a hammerlock, and moved into a headlock. A rare start from the brawling heavy champion, as he strived to our wrestle Lethal. Lethal set up a sprawl, and RUSH spit on him before getting into his usual gameplan. RUSH hit some fast and hard strikes, but Lethal was ready to play that game.

Lethal was able to hit the hip toss into dropkick, sending RUSH to the apron for a triangle dropkick, before looking for the trio of suicide dives. Back in the ring, Lethal worked over the leg with a submission, but RUSH broke free and hit a big jumping knee and forearm smash.

RUSH took this one to the outside, and slammed Lethal into the barricade, before hitting him with the barricade door. Lethal was choked with the cables, a RUSH special. Even back in the ring, RUSH stomped on the head of Lethal, sent him into the corner, before slapping him across the face. RUSH nailed a belly to belly suplex into the corner as well, adding some extra damage.

Lethal came back with Lethal Combination, before standing and fighting with RUSH in the ring. A spinning hook kick was met with an enziguri, before a double down. Lethal went to the middle rope, and fought RUSH off to set up Hail To The King. RUSH kicked out at two, but Lethal went right into the Figure Four Leg Lock.

RUSH Ends This One In Style, A Major Return Comes To Give Another Challenger

Lethal couldn’t keep the hold, and RUSH broke free to nail a running knee strike. RUSH would make sure Lethal was set up on the ropes, before hitting a dropkick to his face. Lethal took a big chop, before RUSH set up a Calf Crusher. A rope break broke this up, and RUSH missed a senton off the top rope.

La Faccion Ingornables came to the ringside area, and hit Lethal with a steel chair as he set up Lethal Injection. Referee Todd Sinclair didn’t throw this out, as The Foundation evened the odds. However, Lethal was in position for the Bulls Horns, but managed to counter into a spinebuster.

Lethal hit a cutter, but Lethal Injection was countered with a dropkick. RUSH would take Lethal Injection on the next attempt, but kicked out at two. A big forearm set up Bulls Horns, and Lethal was nailed but rolled out of the ring. RUSH put him back in, and hit it one last time to close out this match.

LFI might have dropped two matches to The Foundation tonight, but got the last word by beating them down. Brody King made the save, and was backed with Tony Deppen first, and then Chris Dickinson and Homicide! The ROH original is back, and aligned with Brody King, and they’d lay out LFI and saved The Foundation… only to wipe Lethal out. Homicide hit Cop Killer, and this new group stood tall.

Who will win this coming faction war in ROH? Will Brody King be the one to stop RUSH? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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