WWE NXT Results: Jake Atlas vs. Pete Dunne

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Jake Atlas has long been a standout in the Cruiserweight Division, and one of the rising stars of 205 Live. Tonight, he has a chance to prove himself more than that as he faces Pete Dunne. Dunne recently took NXT Champion Finn Balor to his limits, even pinning him in a recent six man tag team match. Despite this, Adam Cole gets a title shot tonight instead of Dunne. So Atlas has a pissed off Pete Dunne tonight.

Pete Dunne Is No Cruiserweight, He’s The Bruiserweight

Atlas would waste no time going after Dunne, knowing that he needs to strike fast and hard to have a chance to win. Dunne quickly got control of the arm of Atlas, and started to attack the hand and fingers. Atlas got free and hit a quick armdrag, before being taken back down to the mat and locked into a headlock.

Dunne would lose control, and Atlas used his speed to hit a springboard armdrag on Dunne. He went for a headscissor takedown on Dunne, who stopped calmly and kicked the arm of Atlas as hard as he could. Dunne would just pick that arm apart, bending it in unnatural ways before dropping both knees onto it.

Atlas fought like hell with some kicks to Dunne, and avoided a triangle choke. He’d hit a German Suplex, a running PK and the standing moonsault for a two count. Atlas kept moving with a spinning lariat, before looking for the cartwheel DDT, which Dunne countered by attacking the arm.

Don’t Step Up To Dunne If You’re Not On His Level

Dunne would take Atlas down to the mat, apply an armbar, bend the fingers back and then the arm back. Atlas had two choices, lose his arm or tap out, and he chose to fight another day.

After the match, Pete Dunne grabbed the microphone and said that this time of year, everyone wants to step their game up, but don’t step up to Pete Dunne or you end up like that. Dunne claimed he’s the best technical wrestler in the world, and wants someone to prove him wrong.

Who will step up? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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