WWE NXT UK Results: Sam Gradwell vs. Ilja Dragunov

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Ever since losing to NXT UK Champion WALTER in 2020, Ilja Dragunov has been different. He’s more prone to snapping in a match, as shown in recent bouts with both Jack Starz & Tyson T-Bone. Dragunov will just start seeing red, and his opponent suddenly becomes WALTER. During the match with T-Bone, the loudmouthed brawler Sam Gradwell was there to annoy Ilja Dragunov as well. This now leads to Gradwell having to step into the ring with Ilja Dragunov, who will look to shut him up for good.

Sam Gradwell Comes To The Ring With Some Trash Talk

Before Gradwell even hit the ring, he’d be calling Dragunov the ‘Moscow Baby’ due to his recent tantrums. Gradwell would slap Dragunov in the face early, doing everything he can to just piss his opponent off. Dragunov caught Gradwell and slammed him into the mat and looked for a Head & Arm clutch. Gradwell fought back to his feet but was taken right now again.

Dragunov hesitated on striking Gradwell, and Gradwell took advantage quickly. A butterfly lock would be countered and Dragunov grabbed the arm before spinning into a knife edge chop. Gradwell was rocked with a running knee in the corner, before Dragunov would just kick him right in the face. Dragunov hit a knee drop off the middle rope, and there wasn’t much trash talk coming from Gradwell now. Instead, he just slapped Dragunov off the top rope and to the floor.

Gradwell did everything he could to keep Dragunov outside of the ring, but once his opponent got back in, he’d run him down with a lethal lariat. Dragunov went for a single leg takedown and Gradwell blocked by going to the ropes, but punched Dragunov in the face instead of allowing a clean break. Gradwell just kept the pressure on with a sleeper hold, and Dragunov fought free.

Ilja Dragunov Loses It

Dragunov hit a headbutt to the jaw of Gradwell, going to that dark place briefly. He’d run Gradwell down with a lariat, and try to calm himself before driving some knees into the gut of Gradwell and chops to the back. Gradwell fought back with some slaps to the face, but was dropped with a set of German Suplexes. A third German Suplex would have ended it, but Gradwell broke out with a hard elbow to the face.

Dragunov dropped Gradwell with a gamiguri, before hitting the senton off the top rope. Torpedo Moscow was scouted, and he dove into a turnbuckle that Gradwell had exposed. Gradwell followed this up with a hard chop to the back of the neck, and now Dragunov was seeing red. Dragunov took a rolling elbow but fought out with a Samoan Drop attempt with elbows to the skull of Gradwell.

Gradwell would crumble to the mat, and Dragunov latched on, isolated the arms and kept raining those elbows down, one after another. Dragunov left Gradwell defenseless, and the referee would call for the bell. This one ends through referee stoppage, to defend Sam Gradwell. However, Dragunov kept going and even attacked the referee when stopped.

Could beating WALTER be all that soothes his mind? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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