Ring Of Honor Results: The Foundation Defeat MexaBloods Via Submission

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In just one weeks time, Jay Lethal & Jonathan Gresham of The Foundation met in the ring for a match over the Pure Championship. However, these former ROH World Tag Team Champions are as close as ever before, and tonight will take Bandido & Flamita to their limits in a tag team clash.

This was going to be Rey Horus & Bandido, but an injury to Horus instead put Flamita in. Bandido & Flamita had some issues at 19th Anniversary, but seem to be back on the same page for this match. MexaBlood is fine, Flamita & Bandido are a tag team even outside of ROH, but this their first time teaming up for a normal tag team match in this company.

MexaBlood Can’t Get On The Same Page

Flamita would start with Jay Lethal, and roll him up onto the mat for an early pin attempt. Lethal would send Flamita off the ropes for the hip toss into a dropkick, but Flamita dodged. Flamita would counter another hip toss with a hurricanrana, sending Lethal to the outside. He’d regroup and gameplan with Gresham, the plan being simply ‘slow Flamita down’.

Gresham tagged in, and grabbed a headlock before being sent off the ropes. He’d drop him with a shoulder tackle, pick him out of the sky as he dove in by his ankle and finish off with an armdrag. Flamita can go real fast, but Gresham can match that speed as needed. After a quick commercial break, Bandido had tagged in and would hit Gresham with a reverse suplex, before a quick leg lariat.

Lethal & Bandido would face off, and Lethal got hit with a press slam for a one count. Flamita got a tag, before diving into the trapped wrist of Lethal. They’d use an extended advantage to hit a Muta Lock into Dropkick, an old MCMG move. There would be a bit of miscommunication, but MexaBloods tried to get back on the same page.

Lethal got a blind tag to Gresham, who hit Flamita with a German Suplex, before tying up his arms and abusing the shoulder of Flamita. The Pure Champion was just tearing Flamita apart on the mat like only he can. Lethal tagged in, and continued to work on the shoulder by hammerlocking the arm and sending him into the corner.

The Foundation Take Advantage

Another hammerlock on the mat kept Flamita in pain, and Lethal had the ring cut in half. Flamita would try to fight to get a tag, but Gresham got one from Lethal instead. Gresham would look to apply that deadly Octopus Stretch, but Bandido was in to save his partner. Lethal tried to make the stop, but Bandido got free.

He’d accidentally catch his partner with an enziguri instead, causing more issues with this team. Bandido was shoved out of the ring, but was able to get on the apron and Flamita tagged him him. Lethal & Bandido were legal, and Bandido nailed a Crucifix Bomb for a two count.

Bandido would counter an attempt at Lethal Injection, and Flamita would come into help win this match. They’d go for Around The World, but the arm of Flamita led to him dropping Bandido midway through the move. This broke down into a brawl between partners, and The Foundation took advantage and hit a double powerbomb before Lethal applied the Figure Four Leg Lock. Bandido was stuck in the middle of the ring, and his partner just taunted him. This is the end of Mexisquad & MexaBloods for sure.

What could be next for Flamita & Bandido? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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